Top 10 Games Made By One Person

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Can one man do it..?


  • That really is super inspiring :)

    Though at this rate I suspect that if I was to make a game as one man, I would require a female artist, female marketing person, female story writer....
  • Ah. It's a relief to be reminded that complete 2d +narrative games can take as many as 5 dedicated years to complete.
    But I guess it doesn't help that I let myself be distracted by side projects as well.
    Thanks for the video.
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    It's worth noting that even when a game is made by a "solo" dev, it's incredibly rare the final game was only touched by a single pair of hands. So very often there will be support on several axes, from the obvious things like paid contractors, support roles like sound and PR, to the non obvious stuff like play-testing and advice from other developers. I say this because we often create a fetish around the narrative of the lone developer. For myself personally there was an element that felt like "cheating" if I was actively recruiting other people to help with my project. But that's a rubbish sentiment I wish I'd figured out earlier. Making games is hard. Seek help and support wherever you need it!
  • Yes , I definitely agree with "Seek help and support wherever you need it"...!

    It's just interesting to see these "types" of games (+ to me anyway) - it's cool to see what these type of games look like. i.e. what the by-product of a "single person" project might look like in the wild. :)
  • I enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing :)
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