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Hi guys! back with a quick scene i put together, inspired by childhood thoughts when visiting my uncles house ( of course his basement did not look like this but i had a bit of an imagination haha! ) as well as the infamous resident evil game. the purpose of this was not to create a heavily detailed scene, but rather much more focused on lighting and the post process volume within unreal, however i am still working on adding a few more story elements to the scene.

As stated it is still a Work In Progress and i would love some feedback. i have attached images without any post processing and then with. the goal is to create a horror feel with the grain and fringe. As a little bonus i have included a short clip showing how i am getting more variety out of my textures, hope you enjoy!

Please do feel free to comment and give any thoughts you may have, as always a highly appreciate your time!
Have a great day further!

Images: http://imgur.com/a/WpDp3
Video: https://www.flickr.com/gp/149696004@N05/2CFL93


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