Help needed with study choice in computer science/programming

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At the ripe old age of 34 I have decided to enroll for a qualification in computer science/programming. Can anyone on here give me recommendations for a specific programme? I'm leaving my current occupation to study full time. Is a degree worth getting in terms of job opportunities?




  • Are you specifically wanting to work in game development and hoping this will help with that, or looking for a more general software dev position?

    I think that the knowledge gained from doing a degree can be really worthwhile, and having a rubber stamp on your CV can make conversations with employers a bit easier, but it's definitely not necessary. At the end of the day, a good employer doesn't really care what degrees you have, they care about whether you have the technical skills to carry out the work (and other important skills like communication). If getting a degree is useful for learning those skills for you, then great!

    As for what programmes/course to study, I guess it really depends on what your options are. Where are you situated, or can you relocate? How many years can you afford to study for? I imagine there are some very real limitations on where/what you can study, so knowing some of those might help. If you're wanting to get into game dev specifically, being close to a community might be really beneficial.
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    At unisa there are 5 programming modules all use c++, this cover problem solving, design patterns, data structures, algorithms, qt(c++), concurrent programming and network programming.

    The rest of computer science modules are purely theoretical, 5 which are more mathematical, Formal Logic 2&3(Before Computers ) and Theoretical Computer Science1,2&3(Beginning of Turing Machines and Finite Automata). And the last 6 modules cover modern computing(operating systems, computer achitecture, computer graphics(there are some practicals), Artificial Intelligence, digital logic and numerical methods.

    To complete the degree you have to add extra 15 modules from either Information Systems, Mathematics, Applied mathematic, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics of Geography
  • Thank you for the replies.
    @francoisvn - Working in game development would be first prize but I want a reliable qualification to fall back on if game development doesn't work out. My coding skills are very basic so I figured a formal qualification will help me in that regard.
    @SkinnyBoy - I was looking at the UNISA options because I don't want to commit myself to a physical campus. I live in Bloem but there is a real possibility we might relocate in the near future.
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