Up to $1million each month, You can be the next Top 100!


The first Top 100 of the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program has been announced.
Visit the official website to find out the winners, and participate in this month’s Incentive Program!
You can become one of the next Top 100 prize winners.
The Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program continues until October, and it awaits your participation!

Feb. 1, 2017 at 00:00 – Oct. 31, 2017 at 23:59 (GMT)

All Tizen Mobile Apps registered and serviced at Tizen Seller Office can participate.
(Submitted apps are approved by program administrator review)

The Top 100 downloaded apps for each month on Tizen Store are selected and given a reward of $10,000. (The Top 100 downloaded apps are selected regardless of program participation status.)

* Incentives are provided only to apps that satisfy the reward criteria.
* Incentives are provided only once for apps that rank in the Top 100 multiple times.
*To establish an environment for fair competition, apps deemed to have committed unjust acts are declined during program participation approval review, and developers of declined apps will be notified independently by e-mail.
*Preloaded apps and Samsung apps are not eligible to participate in the incentive program, but they are not excluded from counting the Top 100 downloaded apps of Tizen Store.

Step 1. Develop Tizen apps or games using Tizen SDK & Tools
* Target devices
- Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3, and other smartphones released in 2017

Step 2. Submit your app to Tizen Store Seller Office
* If the app is already “For Sale” on Tizen Store, go to Step 3 and participate in the Incentive Program.

Step 3. Participate in the Incentive Program on the official website (www.tizenincentive.com)

For more details, visit www.tizenincentive.com
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