Starcraft Remastered

Personally I'm excited for this, I still play the original:)

For those interested, check out this link:)
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  • It looks like they remastered it in 2004 :)

    Obviously a good financial move, this couldn't have cost much, and there's still a fanbase who will love this. But I'm quite disappointed that it still looks more than a decade old.
  • On a related note, Starcraft and Broodwar are now free:

    The impression I get is that Starcraft 2 wasn't nearly as successful as they hoped it'd be, and they don't quite know why, and they have no plans of "fixing" Starcraft 2 to achieve that level of success... so they'll just re-release the game that's still doing incredibly well in the eSports scene and capitalize on the existing fanbase by trying to make the existing game more streamer-friendly. And releasing the old games for free looks like it's to make money off of more Remastered sales.
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  • New addition: VR SPECTATORSHIP.

    Now THAT would be bonkers. They can keep everything looking exactly like it was a 2004 remake, but you can VR into the thick of things and STAND AMONG THE HOARDS OMG

    (of course that means probably 20x higher res textures than they have now)
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