US Play Store Account?

Hi guys

I'm trying to explore some titles on the Android Play Store, particularly for Daydream, and I'm finding that I can't access a couple of them because I'm not in the US store.

I've found several sets of instructions for getting into the US store and have followed them: I've set up a Entropay card, got an US address, etc. Followed these instructions:!msg/play/iECpHJmdOpU/BRIc_cJ4BgAJ

And yet my store still displays in rands and I can't find US content.

Has anyone here got any insight into getting into the US Play Store?


  • Have you tried connecting through a VPN? I'm guessing at the moment the Play Store is seeing that you're connecting from SA and localising everything.
  • I can confirm that connecting via a VPN does work, as I managed to do exactly what you are trying to achieve using one. Can't remember the name but a quick google search should give you the name of a few good(free) ones.
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  • Ok cool, I'll give it a try when I can, am out at the mo
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    If you want a super easy-to-use VPN app that won't cost you a cent provided you keep to under 500MB, (maybe challenging if you're downloading games for reference) then give TunnelBear a try. I find it really useful to have on my devices for the odd occasion when I need to quickly use a VPN
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    [edit: IT WORKS!! I dunno what changed but it works now, yay! :D]

    GAH! Just tried Tunnelbear, it's a super neat app, love it, but it doesn't seem to work - I have it on, when I get into the Play Store, it still looks like the SA store. Searching for US exclusives got me nothing.

    Then I tried the Daydream store (it's separate), and while I can now see the US items, I can't get into the item to purchase them, it keeps erroring "Item not found".

    Sadness :(
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