[Comp J] Drafters of the Ancients

So this is not an official entry because I'm holding the comp, but here's my idea.

Dota but using a 7 Wonders mechanic.

Here's my basic idea:
The game is played in 3 rounds. In each round, each player will draft X cards and attack in between drafts. When all 3 rounds are completed, players will calculate their score to determine the winner. If you have smashed your opposing team's ancient before then, well then you also win.

Each player takes a hero placemat (not sure what the real word is. A5ish size thin cardboardy thing). The hero card does not start with its abilities or spells. Each turn, every player simultaneously drafts one card and hands the rest to the player on the left. This card may be a weapon, spell, upgrade or action. Actions may be attacking, moving or farming (gain gold). Non-action cards are added to the hero's cards. Actions and combat are then resolved before the players draft again.

I have reduced the combat down to 3 zones, one for each lane, and a home base area for each team.

A round ends when all the cards have been drafted. The next round begins which a new set of X cards each. The second round has more powerful spells and ultimates but the hero must have set up the correct requirements to draft them.
Third round has even more powerful spells, much like your level 3 ultimate in Dota.

Here are the rules so far:

The idea is still in its early stages. Let me know what you think.
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