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I meant to post this a while ago but then work blew up (figuratively).

My idea is for a 2-player, hidden movement game where one player controls a group of survivors trying to get off a spaceship and the other player controls the alien who want to murder everyone.

My question is, are there any tools for designing cards and board layouts?
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  • There are tools... There's this thing called NanDeck that's supposed to layout cards, but I haven't used it myself you. And honestly, there's really no need for that - work in whatever. Word, Powerpoint, anything really. It doesn't matter that much.

    I use photoshop and illustrator, but of course that's me.
  • What I have done before is use Word's label + mail merge function to make the cards from an Excel spreadsheet. Then I print/export to PDF.

    There may be better tutorials out there, but this is the gist of it.
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    For the board and card sizes, you can download the templates from the Game Crafter, and then draw on top of them. For my other game, I checked the template afterward and found out that I had not left enough of the edge for a decent bleed.

    Use it/don't use it.

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