KZN = South Coast game dev's wanted

Hey guys looking to setup a gaming group here in the south coast (UGU) have completed and pending projects available to work on. Paid gaming development projects and permanent employment on offer. whatsapp me on 060 437 8330 or email and lets meetup..
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  • Pet peeve: It's "gamedev" not "gaming" :)

    You'd stand a much better chance of getting legitimate response if you get more details up here, such as what the technical requirements are, dates, an idea of compensation, what the project/s are about, etc.

    Good luck.
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  • In addition to all @Tuism's suggestions, posting some details about some of the games you've completed, and even what the applicants would be working on, would help to get people interested. Screenshots, videos, links to where these games are available, etc would all be helpful.
  • I agree with @Tuism and @mattbenic ... try to share more information, maybe a website if you have one, because right now it is coming off as a casual group and I am not sure that is your intention.

    Maybe if you demos or prototypes, share those as well ... hell even just a video of some of the "completed and pending projects" you mention.
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