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Hello all,

I enjoy strategy board games and have developed 2 of my own. I am confident and convinced one is finally workable or should I say playable. Have playtested with very positive feedback. I am going to pitch it as a TV Game show and have concluded it would work best in an electronic version. I want to replicate the game electronically - especially for the TV game show. I haven’t the foggiest idea if possible or how difficult it would be to format into electronics - hence my post. It would be much appreciated for any insight to my plight.

The game consists of:-
1 game grid made up of 64 squares (8x8)
66 playing tiles for home play and 67 for game show
12 off tokens (3 per player colour coded)
Cash tracker or point tracker

Hereunder are a few of the basic needs:-
• Shuffle the tiles and deal them to a player one at a time on their turn
• Highlight possible places the tile dealt to the player can be placed on the game grid and place the players tile on the players preferred spot on the game grid
• Highlight players colour of the area on a tile or tiles the players token or tokens are covering
• Warn a player when illegally wanting to place a token on an area already occupied by another player’s token
• Highlight up to 4 players colours on the tiles of the area those players share if more than 1 player is occupying the same area legally
• Calculate the cash or points total on completing a loop for 1 or more players as needed

Advice and input please……
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  • Hi @shoggie, welcome to the forum :)

    Firstly, I would just like clarify what you mean by "electronically". Do you mean a digital game like one that could be played on a PC, Console or Mobile device, or do you mean a standalone setup with podiums for contestants and a screen to display the current game state for an audience?

    In principal there is nothing that would suggest you wouldn't be able to convert this into a digital game, the amount of effort (and thus money) required can vary wildly depending on the amount of features you would like in the final product. Things like online multiplayer, the quality of graphics and animations, sound and gameplay features, all impact on the amount of time it would take to create such a game. Unfortunately, the amount of detail you've provided is not quite enough to give an accurate estimate of how much time it would take.

    I don't have any experience in terms of pitching a game to a TV network, but I would imagine that having a boardgame version of your game should be enough in order for them to make a discussion of its viability as a TV gameshow. I would also imagine that they would create their own "in studio" version of the game as they have different requirements for how the game should function. Typically TV gameshows games are very simple in order for the audience to follow along, they're watching it to relax after all ;)

    If you would like some feedback on the game itself, just upload a print and play version of the game. I would definitely like to try it, and there are plenty of talented boardgame designers here that would be able to weigh in with sage advice.

    Good luck :D
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