How much will it cost us to get badges made for our website?

So we're creating a web application that allows League Of Legends players to earn badges for certain accomplishments. There will be hundreds of badges to create, each one needs to be unique and representative of it's corresponding achievement. How would an artist charge us? The artist will have creative freedom, we will just let him/her know what the badge represents.


  • Hey there, artist here, it'll probably be different for everyone who quote you, but it'll depend on more detail than "hundreds of badges", like the size, style, etc.

    I'll get in touch with you in DM.
  • When shopping for an artist try give as much info as you can to help them with quoting. What type of art you want, quality / look, size, amount and due date are the main parts that an Artist will look at when quoting. Also supplying some sample images of badges you like can help the artist in the quality / look aspect.
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