Junior Game Programmer looking for work.

Hi there,
I'm a junior game developer and recent BSc. graduate looking to work in the game industry. To date I've created a couple games in various languages: Flappy Bird remake and Plants vs Zombie remake in Java, Tower defense game in Apple SpriteKit.

Most recently I've been spending a lot of time with Unity creating a 2D "Orcs must die" inspired game.
Video here
I live in the Capetown-area, but remote/semi-remote work is also good.
I'm willing to learn in any language and/or framework.

See attached CV also :)
CV Frank du Plessis Jan 2017.pdf


  • @lem Checked out some of your videos, looks like you're progressing confidently on your own. Just keep at it, and improve every day ;)

    Hope we see some of those prototypes here on the forum soon.
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  • @pieter thanks man, appreciate it!
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