Minute Words [Boardgame]

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I have recently completed a prototype of a boardgame that I developed and would love to share it with you so that I get you thoughts of the game.
The game is called Minute Words (see attached picture of the game), a player is given 6 consonants and 3 vowels and has to make as many words as possible in 1 minute.

I will be at the event that will be hosted on the 7th of March at Microsoft Campus for anyone who would like to see the prototype and for those who would like a good challenge.

We just have a landing page on our website www.minutewords.com and our contact details are there.
MW tokens.jpg
1799 x 1200 - 909K
MW board.jpg
1039 x 668 - 333K


  • Looks very cool! Where did you get your printing and other component making done?
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  • I made the components using my 3D printer, I did the printing of the box and board in Hong Kong
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  • Awesome!

    I'm sad I won't get to play this in person but if you're ever in Cape Town, please bring it through.
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  • Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow! :)
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  • I'm sorry I missed this. How did the player feedback go?
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    She had a really prettily put together, production-level game ready, so while that's cool, my first question was "How many copies did you make", and it turns out just this one, so that's good :)

    Testing revealed a few bits of design and gameflow things that could be refined a bit, and we tried to see how we can make it as simple as possible while retaining the core "fun" bit of the game. Overall I thought it was a great session :)

    Her 3D prints were really quality stuff :)

    (Just embedding her pics to show how pretty they are :P)


    I think for her the most important thing is getting the game solid first before making pretty bits, and to really consider what she wants to do with the game - or rather, how to get the game commercial, if that's possible. It does have an educational slant, so schools might be a thing, though I don't think that it's "better" than Scrabble in terms of educational value, so if schools don't have Scrabble on syllabus, I don't know why this game might make it in. If that question can be answered well, there might be a chance.

    Otherwise it actually fits the CNA-type boardgames, like Scrabble, Boggle, etc. So there's a possibility of a local market penetration, though I would always advise against trying to hit local markets if a design can have international appeal.
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  • Would have loved to playtest this. I love the bright colours but some colours do not blend well for the red-green colourblind folk. The 2 colours used for the consonants and vowels are too similar (I can see a slight difference though, the vowels do appear a bit darker). And the colours on the board, in the top left corner and bottom right corner (from the perspective of looking at the image on a PC) are basically the same or it might just be the lighting in the photo.
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  • Thank you very much for the feedback, it will help me a lot altering some things on the game. Thank you so much
  • Lovely! the box is very "professional looking" and attractive :)
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