Publishing and selling iOS apps - can it be done from here?

When I published my game to the Android Play Store I discovered that South Africans aren't allowed to create merchant accounts, and thus can't sell games or IAPs.

Before I spend any more money trying to publish my game on iOS, I just want to confirm that it's possible to create the iOS equivalent of a merchant account and sell games from here.


  • I can confirm that it is possible to sell games on iOS as a South African legal entity. I'm not sure if it's easier as an individual or a company, but I am sure it's possible as a private company, aka (Pty) Ltd. Apparently a CC isn't recognised by Apple. Apple's system is structured differently so they don't have the same problem Google does.
  • Yep, iOS publishing is no problem from SA. There are the usual company registration hoops to jump through to link up local and international systems (DUNS number specifically,, but other than that it's all relatively straightforward. You can go in as an individual or as a company, all of that starts here:
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