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Hi Guys,

I would like to offer our band's music for free use in any projects if you know of developers or someone in need of music.

All that we ask is that we (Black Bone Nation) get the proper credit for the music.

Here are links to our SoundCloud page that you can check out:

We can always write music as well, and we have been working with independent film makers writing scores for their films.

Please do get into contact with us through our email at

Thank you!
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  • Thank you @ZakkStyles, it is sometimes hard finding good free music! I'll pm you if I intend to use your music for a published game (even though I might still be far from releasing one). But I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for us developers :D
  • Great stuff @mkShogun96 . Supporting you guys all the way!

    Like i said in the post...i can also writ music specifically to the game, scene etc. if needed.

    Keep well and rock on!
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