Let's talk about SFX and music prices

Hi everyone!

So I have an important question to ask all game devs reading this (ranging from my first "Game Maker project" to "I'm doing this full-time").

My friend Gavin Culpan (krazman) and I are composers and sound designers and we are planning to start our own sfx and music library website. We want to know, how much would you guys be prepared to pay for a single sound effect? And for a song? And perhaps, what is the total you would be willing to spend on the audio for your game?

We are also thinking of offering themed sound packs, which include all the basic sounds you'd want in a particular genre of game.

I know that there is a lot of free audio out there and that there are libraries like Audio Jungle that sell samples for like $1 - $5 for a sound, but I'm curious as to whether there is a market for what we're trying to achieve. All sounds would be sold in rands.

Your feedback is really appreciated!


  • Alright, I'll reply with my 2¢:

    I think you need to determine the value to the sound effects that you create, as you will know the costs involved. Asking a potential client to value your services is risky.

    Let's say it costs you R1000 to set up a recording session at a gun range to record various shotgun sounds, from clicks to bangs - you're paying for access to the range as well as the time of a licensed shooter and the use of their gun and ammunition. Add to that the time you'll spend editing the recordings and processing the sounds to get a number of ready-to-use audio files.

    You've now got a shotgun SFX pack. What's it worth? Are the sounds going to be exclusively licensed to one game, or are you going to sell the pack through your site and recoup the costs after X number of sales?

    The same applies to music - is it exclusive or available to anyone to license?

    On Music.

    And on music and SFX.

    These are guidelines, of course.

    My last thought, don't price in Rands, unless you plan to only target the South African market. US Dollars is a far more convenient international standard.

    (There are a number of things we could discuss further, like the pros/cons of having your own site and sales portal vs. listing on various asset stores... but, I'm going to stop here. ;-))
  • Is there a specific reason you want to start your own site rather than use the multitudes of markets out there already?
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  • Yeah I would say if you have no unique take on the idea would be better to use the pre-existing websites that are around. Mainly because they uphold a standard that people are used to (when it comes to mixing and mastering quality) and people go there knowing they will get a high quality product. Making your own site will be tough in trying to compete with that. I think a better route would be to try get lots of your sounds up on Audiojungle to start before trying to make your own platform. If you at least get a lot of stuff onto Audiojungle you have a better idea of what people want as well as what sounds sell best etc... forgive me if you have already done this but it's just my two cents :D
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