New Unity Multiplayer Demo: Tanks!!!

Hey everyone :)

If you are interested in learning about or adding multiplayer functionality to your Unity game via the Unity Multiplayer Service, you should check out the brand new Tanks!!! Project on the Unity Asset Store! 24 Bit Games was approached to collaborate with Unity Technologies in order to build this fully functional game for them to release on all 4 major platform app stores, along with the complete source code to developers for free!

App Store Links:
Google Play
iOS App Store
Windows Store
Mac App Store

More information can be found on the Tanks!!! Unity Forum Thread and any questions that you may have that relate to the project itself should probably be asked there so that other Unity users can benefit from the discussion, but feel free to ask any general questions here for us to answer :)



  • Thats awesome, I have checked out the previous multiplayer version and it didn't always explain everything. Definitely gonna give it a look when I have some free time.
  • This intersects perfectly between my love of exclamation marks and video games.
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    How else will you know it's a sequel if it doesn't touch you in your love for punctuation? The exclamation marks weren't even our idea!!!
  • Does this only work with touch?
    On the Windows Store touch is listed as a minimum requirement.
  • Ah, no, the listing's not entirely accurate. Touch is supported but not required.
  • Really enjoying this! Not always people online, but the multiplayer is really really good. Well done! Is there a place where others who have used the assets are putting their projects?
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