MGSA online gamejam (gauging interest)

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During a discussion on the MGSA discord

we talked about having some sort of online gamejam so people could get to know each other and have some fun together

would anyone actually be interested in something like this?


  • Count me in
  • yeah, I'd be interested. :) I've been finding it a bit difficult to get the right community to jam with out here, and doing it online would be better than doing it alone. (I'm just in the wrong time zone, in case that matters.)
  • @MarioCdeS great :D

    @Elyaradine I was thinking of making the jam length a week or more so even people with different timezones can join :D
  • I don't understand "online jam" and "meeting each other" in the same sentence XD

    I mean we are already meeting each other here, aren't we? Are we talking about some kind of... Skype/hangouts jam? That might be interesting :)
  • @Tuism yeah sorry bad wording by me :') ill fix the OP

    yeah we could use skype or discord or what ever people agree on
  • Will definitely be interested! Count me in.
  • sounds RAD
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