[Event] Super Romance Jam & Arcade!



Hey everyone!

After a good long break The Super Friendship Arcade is back in action! We're throwing our first Cape Town party in ages! Following on Valentines it'll be a mushy afair called Super Romance Arcade, going down next week Friday, the 17th of February. The party will be preceded by a jam, going down this Sunday.

If you're around Cape town, it'd be great to see you at either the jam, party or both! If you're not able to attend, but have made a game that you feel would be appropriate (relationship/ romance themed party games anyone?) please send it our way!

Super Romance Jam!
Facebook event here!

Superfriends assemble!

In preparation of SFA: Super Romance Arcade, join us in jamming out a bunch of giddy games, kinky controllers and dreamy decor!

Hosted by the kind folks at Where'sMyTransport expect a room full of friendly freaks indulging in:

“Rodain’s House of Broken-hearts!”
Break the ice with a series of minigames engineered by SFA’s own Rodain Joubert!

“SFA décor bonanza!”
Get crafty! Team up with our décor squad and make the Romance Arcade look hot like pizza supper!

“Blind date game jam!”
Wanna make a game? Roll the dice with our debut “Blind Date Game Jam”, randomly pairing up programmers with various creatives. Warning: may result in threesomes!

“Hot date hardware jam!”
Keen on making a controller for people to get busy with on the big night? Now’s your chance!

Okay superfriends! Spread the word, see you at the jam, and as always; be excellent to each other!

Super Romance Arcade!
Facebook event here!

Superfriends rejoice! South Africa’s original experimental game-punk arcade is back!

We’re invading Hectic On Hope for one night of love, hugs, heavy breathing, custom-built game controllers and the hottest indie games you’ve ever laid your hands on! Sparks will fly! Beer bottles will pop! Someone will probably get engaged again!

Games! Games! Games!
Playful multi-partner magic!
Super sexy solo experiences!
Custom-built arcade controllers!
Digital DIY Décor hacks!
Hyper-cute dress code!
Emergency glitter station!
Cheap beer!
Free high fives!

Pop-punk jams!
Super-secret sonic thrills!
All the lovely superfriends you can handle!

Get involved:
Wanna make things with us? Join us at the Super Romance Game Jam on Sunday 12 Feb!


SFA’s Super Romance Arcade goes down an Friday, 17 Feb at Hectic On Hope. Maximum cuteness is encouraged! Get dressed-up, get into the party and get your hands on our junk! Let’s do it!


  • Tonight's the big night! Made a little promo video to get people stoked!

    Really great having the event headlined pretty much entirely by games from the SFA family!
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    That trailer is SOOOOO good! All the games look brilliant!

    Sad I missed this, but I'm super stoked that @squidcor and @merrik got Genital Jousting Date Night in there!

    Really hope I get to play those other SFA family games at some point. Lunch With Leeroy, Tunnel of Love! The Lickening! Hugmania!
  • Thanks heaps @EvanGreenwood!

    You were missed on the night (although glad we had some of your magic present in video game form!)

    It was really incredible how many local games we had on show;

    Tunnel of Love
    Dog Skate
    Heart Beatz
    Lunch With Leeroy
    Frog Smashers
    Genital Jousting
    Spin The Bottle
    High Five Simulator
    Regina's 3 player game (not sure what she called it in the end)
    Wrestling With Emotions
    Snow Cones
    Dress To Express Dancing Success

    !!! Really great to see!

    Stuff like Tunnel of Love, Dog Skate, Regina's game, High Five Simulator and Spin The Bottle all ran on original controllers, made specifically for them. It's just awesome knowing all these games could only have been experienced in this setting - felt like we were able to give people are really special, unique experience.

    We got some great photos shot of the night. Looking forward to sharing them and some more words looking back on how the night went!

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