Weekly round-up of South African game development scene

Hey all!

So I've been doing this weekly round-up of South African the game development scene on Twitter recently. I know some people don't have Twitter/Facebook so I'll update this thread with links to the resulting blog post + Twitter Thread! We curate it from MGSA, around Twitter, and the web. It's a nice way to get a snapshot of what the scene is up to :).

We can't cover everything we see each week, so sorry if you're left out! :) Also, some stuff we only link to on Twitter because we haven't figured how to pull the GIFs from there yet :).

16th-23rd of January
Twitter thread



  • I think this is a really great idea! It also creates a easily sharable and viewable summary for outsiders to look at.
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  • I like this blog a lot!
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  • Kick Ass idea!
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  • Woahhhhh it's been ages because we were away in America, but we're finally back, and covered as much as we could from what we missed!

    Round-up for 6th February - 20th March!

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  • The big reveal this week is an Australian developer, Ian MacLarty is actually South African - what a twist for this week's round-up.

    Round-up for 20th March - 28th March

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  • This week Rider's of Asgard launched, and we get teased with Echoplex's impending Early Access Release!

    Twitter Thread
    Round-up for 28th March-3 April

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  • Getting Greenlit is not significant enough to get included? :/
  • @critic Uhhh sorry? Like we do these voluntarily, so we don't have time to include everything and we forget stuff sometimes. This is not Make Games SA's round up, this is our personal tastes. We're taking time out of making our games to do this round-up :/. Also, we get like 30-100 views of the blog at most - it's not like we're a major publication, dude ;).

    Outside of games, the concept of 'getting accepted to sell something on a store' isn't really newsworthy either though. Especially when 1 game has just launched :). Like sure when you release we'll cover it, but there are many many games greenlit these days, so sorry, it's not the hugest news? Sorry if that offends you. News sites don't write about games getting greenlit, so why would we? We're writing these round-ups to raise the profile of the South African games scene, not cover every single thing that happens in SA Games.

    We also forgot to include that Free Lives' Long Distance Caller was an honourable mention at A MAZE. / Berlin too, so please don't feel entitled - it feels super rude :/.
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    Dude, that sounds so snobbish it's unbelievable, no offense intended of course. :)
  • Dude! Thanks for posting these always and (especially) boosting them on twitter and FB. It's so nice to keep hearing happenings from back home and seeing then bigged up <3

    I shoulda stayed, ne? ;)
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    Updates are great, it's the attitude of the response that is horrific, he's the one in position of authority and social standing here and should be using it to uplift pleb-nobodies like me instead of making us the bad guys while hurling mild personal insults for an innocent question.
  • @critic

    Wow, dude. The entitlement you're showing is unbelievable.

    Ben is just doing his thing, on his blog and - like he pointed out - he's not really got a MASSIVE following*. Him not posting about you is not going to make or break your games. On the flip side of that, Ben owes you (and everyone) exactly NOTHING. He doesn't have to write about you if he so chooses. He doesn't have to write about anyone. It's his blog. And, he's pointed out already that getting greenlit isn't really news. So, he's decided not to write about your game. And that's legitimate as a reason. But he could have had no reason and that would still be fine because it's HIS blog and HIS time and he's free to do with it as he pleases.

    You're not owed anything.

    Perhaps instead of complaining about a lack of exposure, you could put some efforts into press releases, social media and other activities instead of relying on Ben to "uplift" you.

    *I think what you're doing is cool, Ben. Thanks! And I don't mean the lack of massive following as an insult :)
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  • @dammit

    I don't have an issue with not being covered, nor was I intending to push for being covered, the issue is the manner of treatment, a simple "it's not good enough" or "we only cover ourselves and hip shit" would suffice. Instead I'm now a entitled bum for asking.

    Pushing the conversation in that direction is sickening.
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    You called Ben snobbish after he explained that greenlight is not a good enough reason to get on his list. He also pointed out that he forgot to include freelives' thing so I don't see it being a "we only cover ourselves and hip shit". Your attitude in your posts is coming across as entitled. If that's not how you intended it to be, perhaps you need to relook at your language, grammar, syntax use because that's all we have to go on.

    PS: what game are you even talking about?
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    I was called 'entitled' and 'rude' immediately after asking about coverage, sorry but that was a hostile, unprovoked and unneeded response, which you reaffirmed. If you really wanna get into attitude, your guys replies are mind blowing. It's the equivalent of a gang of juveniles hitting you with bricks for talking funny.
  • @critic Hey man, sorry if it came off as snobbish - would rather give a detailed explanation rather than a one liner. I guess I'll be more blunt with you next time :). As someone who curates stuff often, you kinda have to be snobbish - guess private school prepared me well for that ;).

    I think it might have been better to private message me about this whole thing - it felt like you were calling us out publically. So of course I will feel defensive :). I don't want you to be the bad guy here! You give us feedback on our games often and I don't want you to feel maligned, but I also don't want to spent 3 hours making sure I have covered everything, and it's all fair every monday. I spend 5 seconds on every decision on whether to include it or not

    "should be using it to uplift pleb-nobodies" - I already said I'm happy to cover the game when it launches. I also haven't really covered the R1 million Serious Games competition entries yet because I didn't feel I had enough content to do it just yet.

    @raxter Thanks dude! We miss you! :)

    @dammit Thanks for the support! Sorry our following isn't MASSIVE enough for you :P
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    You shouldn't use insulting phrases and words ever as someone that does marketing, that's marketing 101 stuff. Also do weigh your response next time, put 'calling us out publicly' vs 'rude and entitled' on a moral scale, your response was way unbalanced.

    On top of that you are an admin here and it should be expected of you to set an example, I basically got a beating.
  • @critic Which phrases would you say were insulting - I was certainly irritable, but I can't see where I was insulting. :) Please quote them for me?

    Thanks for the marketing advice. :)

    "put 'calling us out publicly' vs 'rude and entitled' on a moral scale, your response was way unbalanced." Sure! Didn't realise we were talking about moral scales, thought we were talking about blogs.

    Yes very true - if you would like to flag comments as abusive or problematic, please flag them! Otherwise I can't tell that there's a problem, and I'm just interacting on a person-to-person scale.
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    I'm not gonna post an analysis of your initial reply, it's petty and subject to a mountain of semantics. If you can't see that calling someone rude and entitled is negative, there is not much point to this discussion.
  • @critic Okay, thanks for your feedback :)
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  • This week: Echoplex launches of Steam Early Access, Kith launches on Steam, and Serious About Games winner is announced.

    Twitter Thread

    Round-up for 3rd-10th April

    1920 x 1080 - 818K
  • Don't think it's been mentioned enough here: Thanks for putting these together! They're always great.
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  • Thanks for the mention of the GORN trailer @Bensonance - looking forward to being able to share the final product with you once it's done!
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  • Round-up for 15-22nd May

    Twitter Thread
    Blog post

    Featuring new Genital Jousting content, god help us all:
  • I've played Genital Jousting extensively this weekend. I have not seen the carwash yet - hope to see it soon!
  • Round-up for 22nd-29th May

    Twitter Thread
    Blog post

    600 x 558 - 2M
  • @Bensonance Thanks for lot for sharing all this and keeping us up to date! :D
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  • Been off the site for a while. I was taken aback by this thread. Pretty awesome idea, in my opinion. Would really like to see how far this goes. Oh, I'm currently working on my own shtick -- have no idea when it will be done (on-and-of project since the beginning of the year).

    PS: My God, Genital Jousting? Wha...?
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    Been super busy for the past few weeks, sorry we haven't posted a new one of these in a while!

    Round-up for 5th June - 10th July!

    Twitter Thread
    Blog post

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  • Round-up for 10th July - 24th July.

    Twitter Thread
    Blog post

    347 x 203 - 101K
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  • Round-up for 24th July - 1 August!

    Twitter Thread
    Blog post

    2000 x 1333 - 354K
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