Random Portfolio Art Dump

Just a dump of random work I did; ranging from animations to pixel art and Photoshop stuffs :)

Always keen on helping out with projects so send me a shout if ever you need a 2D artist animator / pixel artist ;)

Stay rad!
kid pixel art copy.png
800 x 396 - 73K
Boxer Dude copy.png
800 x 400 - 11K
mushroom pixel art cover copy.png
116 x 47 - 6K
pixel art variation.png
800 x 186 - 87K
Typical Platformer.gif
440 x 176 - 61K
pixel art scene.jpg
800 x 800 - 225K
tilemap dark copy.png
800 x 400 - 56K
550 x 400 - 53K
gorillaz 2D.jpg
800 x 800 - 310K
Jack Black finifh.png
1000 x 800 - 212K
cat and boy.png
1000 x 750 - 348K
Rock Undead chars copy.jpg
800 x 404 - 74K
400 x 200 - 10K
1920 x 1080 - 1M
1920 x 1080 - 505K
MArio no blur.jpg
1920 x 1080 - 512K
1000 x 998 - 352K
1000 x 998 - 585K
metal skull copy.jpg
1048 x 1220 - 1M
Keegan EPIC0.jpg
1500 x 1000 - 639K


  • Really like your work, the polish, detail and character in your pixel stuff is seriously impressive.

    As a fellow 2D art farter: would love to hear you talk about your work and give it a bit of context.
  • @Wes_Matthews,
    hey dude :) Oh yeah sure that sounds good to me. To be honest I did not think anyone would want to hear anything about my processes or thoughts, lol. I personally thought it would just be better if I posted some eye candy :)

    But if that's what you want (and hopefully others) I would be extremely happy to oblige :)
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  • So I finally have stuff to add here :) been busy with my friend @stofStorm on a small project - we intend on releasing at least one game a week - regardless of the quality (lol). So I thought I'd show you guys what a typical Spritesheet looks like (according to me)

    On a side note: please check the game out our game 'Grav' and let me and @stofStorm know what you think :) You can download it from his latest post here : https://stofstorm.itch.io/grav
    SpaceGame Assets copy.png
    664 x 256 - 15K
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