[Project] Story and quest system

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So I needed a tool for writing a branching story for my next project, obvious choice was to have a closer look at Twine and other existing software. Twine seems to be very html centered and I didn't want to be parsing html, there is also articy:draft that really looks awesome and even at R1000 for the package seems like a good investment. However on closer inspection, you don't get an API to use in your game with that package, it costs $999 for the actual API, which means I would need to parse their very complex xml saves.

I like coding applications and there might already be a tool that can do this, but I decided to make my own story and quest system, some screenshots and a download are below. The system consists of a GUI project that creates all the necessary story structures and their flow and there is also a runtime project that saves and handles the active state of the story.

Suppose this is more of an update on what I have been up to than anything else. :)


https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nj5tnh1q5orfa4/story_and_quest_system (2017-01).zip?dl=1


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