[GGJ] Rhythm Platformer

In my mind, this was a great idea. I wanted to made a side-scrolling platformer based on the beat of the music.
Half way through I decided that is wasn't going to be particularly fun, and it was heading in the direction of a linear Guitar Hero clone.
So I decided that if I'm not going to finish the jam anyway, I may as well spend the time learning something new - pixel art! (this is your fault, @Elyaradine !)
I'm far from an artist, so have never done anything like this. And holy crap it is hard. I spent hours and hours in Pyxel doing things over and over again trying to get passable sprites.
I think it is safe to say that I'll never be a pixel artist. However it was actually a lot of fun, and I want to carry on practicing.

The reason none of the elements look the same is because they were all attempts at going about it a new way. The one I'm happiest with is definitely the platform thing, which is the most recent.

Anyway, here is how far I got. It is a simple one button press to jump. The duck sound is a placeholder for when you miss a note.

By the time I put all the art in, the game started feeling better, and could actually be a pretty fun little mobile game. So, I may carry it on at some point, even if it's just to do more pixel art. I'm thinking that the tone of the note could define what type of platform it is, and maybe even do something like high notes are little enemies that you have to shoot on the beat.
96 x 192 - 10K
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  • Your platform actually looks really cool :)

    I am also not an artist by any measure, but have found the last while that I actually really enjoy doing pixel art - of all the things I do in the games I fiddle with I find it the most peacefull. It may seem like a huge waste of time on the one hand, but fiddling with a sprite and coming out with something you really like hours later gives a great feeling of accomplishment :)
  • That looks nice I tried doing pixel art too but ey its a lot of work but now you motivated me and I think I am going to try and do something this time.
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