[Legal] Don't use a red cross in game

So apparently using a red cross in game (you know the thing commonly associated with health packs and medics) is a violation of the Geneva Convention of Human Rights.

The Devs behind Prison Architect got into trouble for it, you can read more about it here:


  • Wow. I am a huge fan of Prison Architect and played it for hours, not once have I actually seen the red cross. Out of all games...

    At least now I can make sure we don't use it in our future games. Thanks for the share @LexAquillia
  • Can I say political correctness gone mad? :/

    I guess red hearts are the replacements, unless someone else wants to lay claim there too...
  • @Tuism a green cross also works
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  • @Tuism a green cross also works
    Would it be a specific red color? What about something like maroon or pink? I'm probably asking the wrong person tho :P
  • @LexAquilia Overwatch puts their red cross symbol at an odd angle on the health packs, is that enough to avoid trouble?


    I see other games like Halo just quietly changed their symbol over the years

    From image to image
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  • I thought that was interesting the idea of having characters punished for war crimes in games...
  • Hahaha wait.... WHAT? XD LOLOL
  • I was wondering about the practicality of chasing up on an indie developer. But I suppose we've ended up hearing the news anyway, so maybe pursuing this suit was worth it for the publicity (to both the Red Cross and Introversion)? (I'm not sure the Red Cross would see increased donations from this move though.)
  • If anything, now that I know Red Cross is hiring lawyers to harass indie devs...
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