Cheap alternative to Makey Makey in South Africa

Hello all!

I know a lot of us love to fiddle with some Makey Makey's. Only problem is they're pretty expensive and take ages to get here. However, there is an alternative now! One of South Africa's best physical computer people, Nathan Gates, has made a super cheap generic board, the Malarkey.

I can't remember the exact price, but it's around 40-60% cheaper than a Makey Makey and it's quicker to get, because he has a stash of them in South Africa.

If you want to get a bunch, you should just get in contact with him. This is more of a random general announcement than anything else :P.

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  • This is really awesome news! I'd be dead keen to try one out. If it's as simple and reliable as a Makey Makey I think we could look at ordering a bunch for Super Friendship Arcade.

    Thanks for the bit of good news @Bensonance. So great seeing local engineers doing something like this!
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