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Hi there !
We are looking for freelance artists, programmers and indie developers to join our team. Currently we are in the process of setting up a game studio and we need a team assembled to get full funding from investors. If you are interested in joining our team please give me response @
640 x 480 - 106K


  • Welcome :) Could you perhaps give an idea of what game(s) you're working on, ideally with some screenshots or playable demos so prospective applicants know what they would be working on?

    Also, it would be helpful if you provide a bit of information on your location, technologies and ideally pay levels.
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  • Hi mattbenic

    Currently I am working on a 2D platformer game called "Treasure Map Adventure" (Android). I reside in Vereeniging , Gauteng. I mostly use Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and Gdevelop for my 2D games .
    At this moment I won't be able to comment on the pay levels as I'm still in the process of acquiring investors. I just need to get some people to join my team so I can set forth a solid business plan to the investors. I really think South African artists, designers and indie developers have the potential to make an impact on the Video Game Industry. The main problem is lack of funding and support. The whole idea of this project that i'm starting is to get South African indie developers united so we can compete on a global level. I'm attaching some screenshots of "Treasure Map Adventure"
    641 x 480 - 722K
    641 x 480 - 92K
    641 x 480 - 95K
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  • Ha, South Africa now has Rogue Fire, RogueMoon, and RogueCode.
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    Hi RogueFire

    I'm a self-taught C# programmer who has experience with Unity 3d (specifically with android game development and import). I also do concept art and sometimes do backgrounds for my own projects. I really like your idea of gettting South African recognised on the global game development scene.

    If I can't help ya, I'll refer someone I can find to you.
  • hey i could help you im a freelance artist living in Dallas,tx USA,

    Ive worked in the game industry and marketing industry for 11 years
  • ill work to help you out get you on the map, if your interested hit me up at chungking
  • I can help in my free time to. I am a C# game developer using unity3D. I only have experience with 3D games but Im sure 2D shouldnt be that hard to learn.
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    Hi Rogue

    If there are any animation/modelling opportunities at Rogue Fire please pm me.
    I have experience with unity and unreal engine too.
    Here's a link to my showreel
  • HI hi!

    I'm an illustrator/digital designer (which for the purpose of games means I do have some UI experience). You can check out my work on , my instagram feed at , or see some of the stuff I've been working on or trying out for games on my art dump thread here:

    All the best in your shiny new endeavour. ^_^
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