Arcade Style WEBGL MOBA Multiplayer test request

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Hi People, Please will someone with friends who can coordinate test if my multiplayer is working ok.

The game title is odd war, its an arcade styled moba, think twin stick arcade shooter in a LOL game mechanic.

Any help will be much appreciated. Below some screens.

Its made with unity and pun using the photon cloud so starting a game should be easy

Here is the itch io link :

1036 x 645 - 692K
1038 x 649 - 1M
1036 x 646 - 1M
1035 x 646 - 1M


  • Hey all its on kong : Hey guys I am looking for some feedback regarding a prototype I just made live. I have tried to make a MOBA arcade style game. Its still very early but before I start adding database backend and user accounts bla bla I want to know if I should carry on or just shelf it.

    As a moba its straight forward except for control points and respawning towers (though I might try mix it up a bit) as an top down shooter I am not so sure. Please try it and let me know ye or ney

    The game is called Odd War
  • Spent a few minutes in your game, the web player version. There are a few issues...

    -Close button in the shop window doesn't work
    -Leader board has a rogue white image in the center
    -Menu is bound to backspace, which is unusual
    -The characters slide, this makes it easy to fall of the level and die
    -There is no zoom level control

    I have some issues on the conceptual level too, MP games are very hard to do because of the needed player-base, you have around 6 servers and they are all empty. If you really want to test this game, you can't just expect people to organize a group for you and then give you feedback or keep the servers populated. I would set a time when I would be on the server and then invite people to join.

    Sorry for this, but it's probably for the best, shelf it. MP games are hard to do right, you need a community or fan-base to keep the servers populated. This looks like it's your first game, aiming for a MOBA is a bit too high. I'm sure you learned a lot and that if you continue with gamedev you will get even more pleasure from it. It's a nice romantic start.
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  • @critic, hey thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!
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  • @critic, Hey, Just a heads up, I uploaded a new version to kongregate. I did modify controls in regards to too much slippage and added an option for zoom ./ auto zoom. Thanks again for your feedback.
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    Played the game for a bit. Tried out all the characters, and the third character with the rocket launcher felt like the most fun since the rockets did nice amounts of damage.

    Here are just a few thoughts as I went through the game.
    - The camera zooming in and out depending on where your cursor is felt weird. I constantly wanted to zoom out with my middle mouse button to see the play field. Zoomed in I was also constantly unaware of ranged priority targets until I moved my cursor away. I would strongly recommend a fixed camera zoom level.
    Blackson said:
    ... added an option for zoom ./ auto zoom. Thanks again for your feedback.
    Couldn't find this anywhere :c
    - This is personal, but I'm against using inertial controls, especially when the acceleration and drag is set really low. I like snappy and responsive controls in action based game. I would suggest increasing the acceleration and drag by a factor of 10 or maybe even 20. Again, personal taste.
    - Being obstructed by your own creeps made some of the ramps feel congested, and they often pushed me of platforms. I know quite a few MOBAs allow you to move through your own creeps. I know you can jump over them, but consider adding it in to help movement feel more fluid.
    - Falling off platforms into the void did not feel good. It wasn't always clear where you can fall into the void (maybe add more stars to the void to make it stand out) and this got compounded by the sluggish movement, my own creeps pushing me off ledges and the changing zoom level.
    - When I ran out of ammo, I often found it easier to jump in the void and respawn with full ammo, rather than waiting for it to regen. Especially also since I couldn't find a way to get ammo for my secondary weapon. Consider increasing the regen rate over time when out of combat. Or maybe increased regen rates on strategic points already claimed. This way you don't have to remove yourself from combat completely and just need to hang back for a bit.

    Some suggestion:
    - Increased mobility! Greater acceleration and drag, higher jumps, maybe even consider a double jump. Having instant kill features like the void means you need to give the player a reasonable opportunity to avoid them. Acceleration should be the same whether you go up or down a ramp.
    - Less creep health, more creeps: This is a page out of JW's design philosophy, and it instantly makes your game more fun by having more enemies to plough through. (Edit: After getting the Damage Up upgrades you are quite powerful, sorry about that :P Maybe it's just a perception thing, dunno)
    - Fixed camera zoom level.
    - Visually maybe do something to distinguish the low ground from the high ground (like dirt and metal), just so the stages read easier. Ramps could also have their own unique texture.

    I really liked:
    - Capturing strategic points. This has a lot of potential for fun early gameplay tactics when the creeps haven't arrived yet. There's potential to get a lot of mileage from this by having strategic points give different buffs while in it's aura. I keep thinking of how the Warhammer RTS used strategic points to gain resources as well as being outposts that could be upgraded into turrets.
    - Overheal :D
    - No reloading of clips, just constant fire!
    - A browser based MOBA, seriously well done!!

    - Clipped through the floor into the void a few times.
    - Being up against creeps (own and enemy) sent me flying in a random directions sometimes (often into the void).
    - Your character still fires while in the buy menu.

    Got this error a couple of times:
    An exception has occured, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project's WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace.
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  • @pieter @critic Hey guys, Sorry, I just realized I did not publish the upload, doing so right now.

  • @pieter, Thanks for the great feedback. I will definitely be incorporating some changes right away as well as patching those bugs, Very much appreciated!
  • @Blackson The clipping through the floor might just have been me dying :D
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