Nintendo Developer Registration Process

Hi all,

I recently finished registering a Nintendo Developer account for Clockwork Acorn and the process seemed weirdly simple and quick. I mostly entered our basic company information as well personal information on myself. While the process did ask me for a company address it didn’t, for example, ask me any banking details, company registration numbers, or tax numbers.

I’ve had a look around the developer dashboard for optional forms to fill in, but as far as I can tell there aren’t any. My goal with all of this is pretty much to finish it before it’s critical down the road, as I’ve had time issues when registering with large companies in the past (*cough* Apple *cough*).

If anyone has gone through the process before, please let me know if I’m missing something, because right now it seems like I’ve done all I can prior to actually working on a specific project, which I assume will be when the platform asks me for more info. I’m doing this now so we’re ready when they start offering Switch dev kits, as we aren’t particularly interested in the WiiU or 3DS platforms at the moment.


  • I also registered with the thought that one day it may be feasible to get our game on the Switch (the controllers are perfect for it!). And same as you, was surprised that there isn't really anything to fill out. But I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has gotten past this point, maybe with the WiiU before.
  • I spoke to the Nintendo guys at Paris Games Week. The system is intentionally simple, they want as many people as possible to be registered Nintendo Devs as possible
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  • It was more complex about 9 months ago when we registered IIRC, but not prohibitive. After submission we had to wait about a month to be approved and then we were contacted by a manager about dev kits and publishing etc.

    Could definitely have changed since then though :)
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