[Event] Ludum Dare venue in Johannesburg

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Venue: The Diz, 114 Smit Street, Braamfontein

Come do Ludum Dare with the Joburg community!

There's good internet, a kitchen, lots of desk space and food places nearby! We'll open the space at about 10AM everyday and stay open until late.

We only have the space for Saturday and Sunday, but full-timers can probably jam there on Monday too.
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  • Eh, so not friday night, not sunday, and no stay-overs?
  • @Tuism Oops, meant Saturday and Sunday. Edited that now.

    Friday night? Uhh like from what times? I usually start the jam at like 8AM on Saturday? Do you intend to stay up for the reveal?

    No stay-overs, no.
  • I usually sleep early and get up for the reveal :) MMMmmmmm too far for driving every night :/
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