Any digital art competitions?

I am currently working on my digital art portfolio and I was wondering if there could be art competitions on MGSA any time soon or in future?

For myself I have the need to be challenged artistically apart from looking for concept art related work:) Working around a chosen theme and seeing what other artists come up with would inspire me greatly, especially if I am competing.

I am not sure how many artists are here on MGSA, yet I think it could be a cool idea to have frequent art challenges or competitions.

What do you think?


  • If all you're looking for is a daily theme (or 3) with a bunch of other artists doing the same themes, the Daily Spitpaint might be a good fit. They have a 30 minute time limit if you post, but you could just work with the themes and see what other people are doing without submitting your work if you don't want a time limit.

    I imagine we'd be open to having more art competitions here. I just know it's hard to choose a format/theme that gets us excited, and that we're (I'm) flaky.
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  • Thanx Elyaradine.
    Quick half hour posts is a good idea, great to get ideas out:)

    When I was in the process of developing with Game Maker Studio and doing my own pixel and concept art, I found it difficult juggling the little I knew about coding and what my imagination could think of visually.
    I found it frustrating having to take a back seat to what my coding capabilities were in terms of my artistic ability.

    Hence, I stopped coding and started to focus on my art once more:)

    The reason I am saying this is, in my mind, an art competition could be interesting when the non-art driven developers provide the format/theme. I wonder how many artists decide what goes into a game rather than the rest of the team?
    Do the artists merely provide the concepts that they are asked to provide?

    Perhaps the competitions could be a way of bridging the artistic mind with the coder etc developer mind for beginners if needs be.
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