• Hi Fengol. 3d rad was abandoned after version 7.22 we dont know where Fernando went to, who was responsible for the later versions if 3d rad. If you want you can visit :

    That's one of the last active forums for 3d rad. Yeah, everyone says my projects are too ambitious for the engines capabilities. And they are right, I can imagine how optimised other engines are, especially for rendering 3d geometry.

    But 3d rad is so simple to use. I am learning unity though. And I'm waiting for blenders next game engine.

    Aparently theres one guy , working like 6hours a week on the new blender game engine. ( if I read the article correctly) . So I'm still gonna wait some more.

    Thanks for taking the time to check on zeroXgen. Much appreciation.
  • Kulu said:
    I am learning unity though.
    That's excellent!
    Kulu said:
    And I'm waiting for blenders next game engine.
    If I can give any advise, stick with Unity and just import your models and animations from Blender.

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  • Hi there!!

    In this video im back in the 3d rad engine. Ive added the red team to the scene. And this is the basic direction im taking with these celebration scenes. Short 1 minute in-game cutscenes. Gonna get the frame rate up now. Hope you enjoyed watching this section of the game come alive.

    Share and like if you want. Have a pleasant rest of the weekend.

  • Hey there guys!!

    A small update. Ive been working on AI vs AI matches for zeroXgen. Ive devised a tournament structure as well so that should be interesting to implement into the game. Still busy with that and the celebration scenes . After that I think I shoukd be ready for a final round of testing. Then I will add sound and music, after that I should be done with zeroXgen. Almost approaching the final stretch in this one!! Getting excited....
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  • Hey there !!

    Ive completed the AI vs AI match setups. Now I'm going to setup a tournement system.

    It's not going to be all that complex. Right now I dont want to add eleminations to the rounds. I just want the team with the highest level to be the champion of the tournememt. That is, the highest level after 4 rounds.

    One round will have each team playing twice. So player vs any team. Team 1 vs team 2. Team 1 vs team 3. Team 2 vs team 3. And then player vs any team.

    I know that one team will play 3 times in each round instead of twice but I'm not going for ultra lifelike anything (including tournement rules).

    So after 4 rounds of this . The team with the highest level will win.

    Then I will get back to the celebration scenes after that. And maybe some other cutscenes to make things a bit interesting.

    Okay. Have an awsome day or evening . Bye!!
  • Hi there.

    Ive hit a bit of a bump with zeroXgen . the game is now crashing everytime it needs to load the 5th level. (I know right...just like all my other games) . So Im gonna see if I can optimise the GFX memory usage by killing all the text objects and using sprites instead , and killing all the jpg textures and using dds textures. if that doesnt work . then I will have to dumb down all the advanced shaders and use just the default shader for everything. which will kill all the graphical niceness that I have going in the game right now.

    oh well. loose some .....loose some more !!!

    Laters guys.
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  • Hi there guys.

    A bit of good news. zeroXgen runs well with just 2 shaders in use. Water bumpy shader for the water sphere and default shader for all other objects. Well, its the best I can do right now. And it been running all day , loading and unloading scenes continuously, in one session , since this morning. It's now 7pm here, so it's been running since about 10am without crashing. So I'm happy to announce that zeroXgen is finally in a stable condition. I'm going to continue with the other features now. Atleast , I can hope it doesnt crash with the final afditions to the game , like sound and the extra cutscenes
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