Good morning fellow video game lovers. I have started a new project, called zeroXgen . here is the first draft of this small game. It is inspired by the final fantasy 10 mini-game , Blitzball. any feedback is welcome

it is a 37mb download . and unzips to 77mb . not much to do other than swim around, for now. im going to be adding more gameplay mechanics later. the other players are attracted to the ball based on their proximity to the ball.

zeroXgen screen 1.jpg
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zeroXgen screen 2.jpg
736 x 549 - 366K
zeroXgen screen 3.jpg
733 x 543 - 287K
zeroXgen screen 4.jpg
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  • I could not get past the screen that says "a for male, d for female, x for alien".
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  • Hi raithza . I forgot to reset the controls.

    just delete the "controls.bin" file in this directory " ........\zeroXgenproto5_20161120201133"

    then relaunch the game. that should reset the controls to default keyboard.

    all feedback and suggestions welcome
  • playing in windowed mode, something looks wrong... image
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  • wow. that does look wrong. I will uplaod a different version (no-underwater camera effect ) later, to see if that fixes it. sorry, about that . but i tested it on this system:

    cpu: AMD E1-2500 APU 1.4 ghz

    ram: 4 gbs ram

    gpu: AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3 series

    and it runs fine. no hiccups

    does your gfx card support pixel shader 2.0 ? that could be the problem , or it could be my lack of proper coding knowledge. will be back soon with another version.

    thanks . anymore feedback is welcome. still very early development stage
  • Hi guys . here is the next update for zeroXgen . Ive taken out the Stacked Cam shader script, and used a simpler script for the underwater effect ( I found this script in the 3D Rad projects ,by the way. I dont know how to script like this ). I will add a no-underwater script later if people still have issues. Ive also added a kick action for the main player. player must be in contact with the ball inorder to kick the ball. press 'c' to kick.

    I also refined the character animations, so they dont look so funny. I also added a new alien species (non-playable)

    sorry about the download, but its a 50mb download this time. unzips to 98mb

    controls are the same. will try and refine them later.
  • That problem was specifically in windowed mode, and it actually fixed itself if I scaled the window down to a specific size?
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  • Thanks raithza . I always encounter new errors with every game . but ill put in a low detail option in the later versions
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    (Updated Protyotype link below)

    (40 mb download) unzips to 150 mbs

    Hi !! Wassup gamer guys and gals!!

    I doubt anyone remembers this project of mine , from long ago. Well over this weekend I decided to throw a phoenix down on this project and revive it.

    This is zeroXgen!

    An action sports game , that resembles the famous FF10 minigame "Blitzball", with the major differences in the two games being evident in the realtime gameplay and 360 degree movement of zeroXgen. AS this is still a work in progress, most of the gameplay elements that I want to feature have not been implimented yet. but the basic inteaction between the player and the squad and opponents team is there at a basic level.

    In this little prototype the player can sit back and watch the game interact with itself , or get stuck in the action. so far the only action other than swiming is kicking the ball. which is an action the AI controlled players can take as well. you control one player for the whole game but can issue commands to your squad.

    Controls can be reconfigured to Gamepad with Ctrl+Shift+f9

    arrow keys - change direction (360 degrees)
    s - swim forward
    c - kick ball
    1 - squad rallys to player
    2 - squad chases ball

    the game begins after you choose the player skin at the start menu.

    Alright then....get in that water!!

    (Gameplay video)
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    1200 x 900 - 487K
    1200 x 905 - 490K
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  • I made a meme!! :P

    3D RAD MEME.jpg
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  • Hey, this looks interesting.

    I downloaded from gdrive and tried to run the exe and "zeroXgenproto7.exe - Shortcut" but both give an error. Attached.

    I'm running Win 10 on Surface Pro if that helps.
    2019-04-18 18-05-41 Screenshot.png
    892 x 336 - 18K
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    @ashashza you need to have c++ 2005 redistributable installed . And direct x 9c . There is a direct x 9 compatible version of direct x on the microsoft website.

    Your gfx card also need to support pixel shader 2.0

    also make sure you are not using generic windows drivers for your GFX , use the GFX manufacturers drivers.


    Ive updated some of the gameplay mechanics. playe4rs can now attack eachother . Please provide feedback if anyone tries the game out.

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    I played it a couple of times and eventually the red team scored a goal although I don't know if it was any of my doing.

    I recorded my play if you'd like to share it.

    Here are some remarks:
    • Please can you remove the water sphere that makes it look like the player is underwater? At least for now while you're prototyping because it makes it difficult to see what's going on.
    • Why does my character occasionally spin around uncontrollably?
    • What are girl sprites on the side of the screen for? I've never played FF10
    • Please add some UI indicator when the player has the ball because it's not clear
    • Please also add a game indicator of the direction I'll be swimming. It seems like press Up will always make the player swim to the top of the arena regardless of the screen orientation or direction of the player.
    • Please also change the colour or somehow highlight the player in the camera mode that's focused on the ball. I cannot tell who I am so I end up just staying the third-person view.
    I hope this helps. I would really like to see you continue to work on this game!
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    Thanks @Fengol . Your feedback will go a long way

    the camera switch is mainly if you just want to spectate . when the players spin around , that lets you know they have been attacked by an opposing team member, later they will also be de-attached from the ball when attacked. the girl sprites on the sides of the screen are placeholders for now. they indicated which players are in contact with the ball left side sprites are the opposing teams indicators . later you will be able to see which team member or opposing team member has the ball clearly. the controls are designed to get a full 360 degrees of movement. pressing 'S' makes you swim forward , and the arrow keys define your direction. direction controls are relative to player heading. I can brighten the character mesh in spectate mode I guess.

    Well Im gonna be updating this game little by little until I am satisfied. Im gonna add more opponent teams with different physics to them , to increase or decrease the difficulty. I also want to add special finisher attack moves , unique to each team.

    @Fengol Please post your gameplay experiences please

    Thanks. All comments welcome!

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    Hi guys.

    Im sharing the latest build of zeroXgen . I changed and improved the ball handling of the Players. so now the ball stays in front of them when they are handling it. allso added some ultimate attacks for each team , but havent created the mechanics linking the attacks to the players , but you can see what they will look like. "LeftCtrl" see one of the teams ultimate attack.

    all comments welcome. laters
  • I don't know if it's just me but the movement feels better!
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    Hey guys . Ive made some adjustments to zeroXgen . The goal posts are alot smaller now, and the special attacks now show for both teams ( F1 AND F2 ) . the player character now goes back to swimming after being hit.

    Cool. Any feedback is welcome!.
  • Here is a video of the new Gameplay demo

    all comments welcome

    Hey guys version 17 of zeroXgen concept is online. this time ive implemented the physics behind each teams special attack. so the opposing teams side gets pushed back from the respective teams special attack. I think Im almost done with the game play side of least at the most basic level of how the gameplay should work.

    Currently both player and opposing team characters use the exact same physics properties. so their speed , weight, shooting power etc. are all identical. the only variance between them is the timer that triggers them to shoot or attack is set to a random number between 1 and 5 secounds. but I want to leave that aspect of their physics setup intact.

    I want to see if I can create an ultimate, or Hard opposing team. I dont really know if i should give the players a healthbar , that decreases after being attacked , but that could spice things up a bit.

    well , anyways all controls remain the same , special attacks are triggered with F1 and F2 , so you can watch them play out at your leisure. but it should cause lag if you trigger them both within a 7 secound time limit, because then both cameras are rendering at the same time. so do expect lag if you are going to do that. (will fix that aspect once i implement the proper triggers for those special events, which wont be controlled by button presses , later ) .

    hope you enjoy this latest build !! all comments welcome!!

  • Hi there

    Ive tweaked the physics of the non-player characters in the latest build of zeroXgen. They now swim alot faster, and change swiming speeds according to how far they are from their target. Makes it alot harder to compete with them.

    Will tweak the player character physics to beable to compete better.

    I like this setup becasue the pace of gameplay is much faster.

    all comments welcome!

  • Here is the latest build of the above post.

    all comments welcome!!
  • Hey there!!
    Just updating with info only this time. I have added floating rocks into the play area of zeroXgen , all players now have these as an obstruction in their goal to score. the ball also reacts and bounces off these new obstructions. Its changed the gameplay quite a bit and should present more varied actions and reactions for both the player and the non-player characters.
    Im also in the process of implementing player skill levels. Basically after each match the player will be allocated points to level up their team's members including the main player character. The levelling and match selection will be done in a players lobby type environment separate from the actual match play area. each match will be harder than the last , through the opposing teams abilities being boosted higher than the previous team's abilities.

    will post a new build and screenshots later this week , hopefully.

    Hey there guys!

    at the link above you will find the latest build of zeroXgen. Ive added the floating obstacles. Ive also done the indicator sprites for the player and opponent teams. Im thinking of keeping shadows on for this project. Just looks better with shadows especially now that theres rocks in the play area, casting shadows.

    I usually go into spectate mode , but you can try and compete with the opponents if you want to , the player character is currently set to level 0 , so he sucks right now.

    Let me know what you think. and please comment on performance issues if you run into any.

    Laters yo!

    v20 screen 1.jpg
    955 x 717 - 761K
    v20 screen 2.jpg
    955 x 717 - 819K
    v20 screen 3.jpg
    955 x 717 - 687K

  • Hi!!

    the first trailer of zeroXgen is up!! Let me know what you think.

    the lobby area is modelled and textured, no I just need to take it over to the 3d engine. check out the attachment! rendered in 3ds max ( Vray)
    Lobby VRAY concept.RGB_color COMP .jpg
    1280 x 720 - 1M
  • image
    Lobby VRAY concept.RGB_color COMP .jpg
    1280 x 720 - 1M
  • Good to see all the progress @Kulu!
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  • Thanks Moga
  • Where are you based @Kulu, it would be really beneficial if you could bring your game to one of the community nights
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  • @Fengol I live on the eastrand, Johannesburg. But I usually only have free time on weekends, and thats only sometimes.

  • Hey guys. Checkout the leveling scene for zeroXgen. Finally stopped being lazy for long enough to get something done.

    Its taking shape :)

    All comments welcome!!

    Hey there guys!! Hope yall are doing well!! Im sharing my latest progress with zeroXgen. Ive implemented a challenge system , where the player can challenge 1 of 3 other teams. Ive also worked out a way to change the opponent models so that each team looks different. Eventually all teams will have their own levels of ability, but for now all teams should be equall.

    Ive also added buttons to switch shadows on and off. switching off shadows , greatly improves frame rate. ( FPS shouldnt go under 40FPS with shadows off) .

    Im very happy with where the game is now. and im finally seeing the signs of the finish line, even though its still far from finished.

    Go ahead and give this build a bash, and let me know if you run into any troubles.

  • The latest gameplay video for zeroXgen!! all comments welcome!!
  • Can I suggest doing a bit of video editing and cutting out the loading screens in your videos?
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  • video has been removed!! ;)
  • Why did you remove the video? It wasn't bad, I was just suggesting that you edit out the loading screens.

    I still think the effect of the water washes out a lot of the colour you have in the game and I'd like to try a version without it to see what difference it makes.
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  • Okay Fengol . I will do a version without the water effect. but i think its my video capture settings rather than the game itself.
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    Hi there!!

    Here is the latest build of zeroXgen. for the first time ever 3d rad gave me an error which said "3d rad overflow!!" my scene was just too big and i was using too many 3d rad objects. So I split the scene up into the three teams that you compete with, but the game still works the same though, and the frame rate is up there in the clouds.

    Anyways, for this build Ive done all the leveling for the opponent teams. you can go ahead and see how difficult they are when they reach higher levels. Sorry the player team doesnt level up in this build. the winner in each match is the one who gets to 20 goals first. each winning team is awarded points , and there for level up when the team lobby scene is opened. I also added the stadium crowds!! :)

    all controls are exactly the same. I hope 3d rad doesnt overflowith again. Im almost done though.
  • The camera needs some work so that the ball and the player are always in view. I couldn't coordinate myself so that I could see where I wanted to go.
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  • Okay Fengol . Will adjust the camera to look at the ball.
  • I made a little prototype to try and explain what I mean by keeping the player and the ball in focus.

    While making the prototype, I realized another feature that would be useful for spatial-orientation would be to keep the character model the right-way up while turning through the water (I'm working on it myself, you can see the swimmer treads water properly when idle), so that up is always in the same direction.
  • Hi Fengol. Thanks for the pro tip on the camera adjustments and the prototype. will try something similar.

  • Hey there rad folks . Here is the latest video for zeroXgen! Ive made some changes to the game a bit. mostly to increase performance. Ive finished the leveling system for all players and opponents. ive changed the special attack for the two other teams. thisa teams special attack is a weird sea monster type thingy.

    thats pretty much it for now. Laters !!
  • ​Hey there!
    Just a small progress report . Im currently adding a couple more scenes to zeroXgen. I want to show the Celebrations of the winning team after each match. So Im doing that right now. Should add a bit of light immersion to the game , instead of seing only two different types of story telling, visual elements.

    Thanks! Have a great day!!

  • Sup guys!! Im here with the first scene for thye team celebrations in zeroXgen. Just did the animation side of things . will build a basic environment before I take it over to 3d rad. All comments welcome!

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  • I tried to play (Proto 4 v1.6) yesterday on a Windows 10 machine and it wouldn't even start. Windows just popped up an error dialogue with a long code number. (Sorry - I should have taken a screenshot but I didn't have time.)
  • @watman thanks for the heads up. please try the below solution.

    3d rad needs

    C++ 2005 Redistibutables
    Direct X 9C
    Gfx must support Pixel Shader 2
  • I'll have a look next time I'm on the computer.
  • Hi there!!

    I just watched a video of a guy named Andre on youtube ( I think its Fengol) . he was playing my first game "Hungry Overlord" . Wow I didnt know I sucked at game development so bad :D . And back then, frame rate didnt matter to me too much. Apologies to the guys who tried Hungry Overlord. It came from a good, warm , fuzzy-feelings place.

    Anyways I will try harder at this whole game dev thing!!

    Nothing to report from zeroXgen, other than : Im still working on the team celebrations scenes.

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  • Hi there!!

    This is how far Ive come with the celebration scenes for zeroXgen. In this video you will have a sneak peak at the environment and some of the background characters populating the scene. The Setting for the celebrations scenes is a basic market place.

    the engine you will see me using is 3D Rad Free Game Maker, which I use for all my games.

    Hope you enjoy the video . Like and share with your friends!

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    I think you have picked the hardest tool to develop games on. Their website eventually started working again (and I love how their title is but their website is and I could download the kit but all I see is a blank screen. Not even the help loads.


    I am genuinely excited for your next release.
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