Good morning fellow video game lovers. I have started a new project, called zeroXgen . here is the first draft of this small game. It is inspired by the final fantasy 10 mini-game , Blitzball. any feedback is welcome

it is a 37mb download . and unzips to 77mb . not much to do other than swim around, for now. im going to be adding more gameplay mechanics later. the other players are attracted to the ball based on their proximity to the ball.

zeroXgen screen 1.jpg
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zeroXgen screen 2.jpg
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zeroXgen screen 3.jpg
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zeroXgen screen 4.jpg
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  • I could not get past the screen that says "a for male, d for female, x for alien".
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  • Hi raithza . I forgot to reset the controls.

    just delete the "controls.bin" file in this directory " ........\zeroXgenproto5_20161120201133"

    then relaunch the game. that should reset the controls to default keyboard.

    all feedback and suggestions welcome
  • playing in windowed mode, something looks wrong... image
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  • wow. that does look wrong. I will uplaod a different version (no-underwater camera effect ) later, to see if that fixes it. sorry, about that . but i tested it on this system:

    cpu: AMD E1-2500 APU 1.4 ghz

    ram: 4 gbs ram

    gpu: AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3 series

    and it runs fine. no hiccups

    does your gfx card support pixel shader 2.0 ? that could be the problem , or it could be my lack of proper coding knowledge. will be back soon with another version.

    thanks . anymore feedback is welcome. still very early development stage
  • Hi guys . here is the next update for zeroXgen . Ive taken out the Stacked Cam shader script, and used a simpler script for the underwater effect ( I found this script in the 3D Rad projects ,by the way. I dont know how to script like this ). I will add a no-underwater script later if people still have issues. Ive also added a kick action for the main player. player must be in contact with the ball inorder to kick the ball. press 'c' to kick.

    I also refined the character animations, so they dont look so funny. I also added a new alien species (non-playable)

    sorry about the download, but its a 50mb download this time. unzips to 98mb

    controls are the same. will try and refine them later.
  • That problem was specifically in windowed mode, and it actually fixed itself if I scaled the window down to a specific size?
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  • Thanks raithza . I always encounter new errors with every game . but ill put in a low detail option in the later versions
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    (Updated Protyotype link below)

    (40 mb download) unzips to 150 mbs

    Hi !! Wassup gamer guys and gals!!

    I doubt anyone remembers this project of mine , from long ago. Well over this weekend I decided to throw a phoenix down on this project and revive it.

    This is zeroXgen!

    An action sports game , that resembles the famous FF10 minigame "Blitzball", with the major differences in the two games being evident in the realtime gameplay and 360 degree movement of zeroXgen. AS this is still a work in progress, most of the gameplay elements that I want to feature have not been implimented yet. but the basic inteaction between the player and the squad and opponents team is there at a basic level.

    In this little prototype the player can sit back and watch the game interact with itself , or get stuck in the action. so far the only action other than swiming is kicking the ball. which is an action the AI controlled players can take as well. you control one player for the whole game but can issue commands to your squad.

    Controls can be reconfigured to Gamepad with Ctrl+Shift+f9

    arrow keys - change direction (360 degrees)
    s - swim forward
    c - kick ball
    1 - squad rallys to player
    2 - squad chases ball

    the game begins after you choose the player skin at the start menu.

    Alright then....get in that water!!

    (Gameplay video)
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  • I made a meme!! :P

    3D RAD MEME.jpg
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  • Hey, this looks interesting.

    I downloaded from gdrive and tried to run the exe and "zeroXgenproto7.exe - Shortcut" but both give an error. Attached.

    I'm running Win 10 on Surface Pro if that helps.
    2019-04-18 18-05-41 Screenshot.png
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  • @ashashza you need to have c++ 2005 redistributable installed . And direct x 9c . There is a direct x 9 compatible version of direct x on the microsoft website.

    Your gfx card also need to support pixel shader 2.0
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