[Prototype] TankCode #GGO16

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Hello Everyone.
I decided to use Github Game Off as an excuse to try my hand at making a programming game where the player programs their own Robot to solve a randomly generated maze (More variety and thematic content will be added later)

I've got a basic prototype working and I would really like any and all Input on the actual Programming of the robots and the options available to players.
I chose to use Lua as the scripting language because of the many Interpreters available for unity (I'm Specifically using MoonSharp)


Test Environment:

Please Can you give it a try and leave any and all feedback and recommendations.
The Files are available Here (itch.io link)
Aswell as a Web Build for quick and easy play right in the browser.

Once Again Thank you for any and all assistance and feedback you can provide
819 x 573 - 32K
819 x 571 - 51K


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