Just got my website up! ...and revamped it!

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Hey guys,

As the title suggests I just got my initiative's website up and running, it still needs work and a bit of layout tweaking but please do check it out - www.858games.com

Check out this thread for a discussion about modernizing your website - http://forums.indiegamer.com/threads/modernize-your-website.57568/

Thanks a mil.
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  • Best of luck with your projects in future:)
  • Jurgen said:
    Best of luck with your projects in future:)
    Thanks I've just revamped the site as the 'retro' look didn't sit well with most people. Live and learn.

  • Allways good to see another Indie SA site go up. :)

    Also looking to create a site. I see you included the game(s) sites as part of the studios (main) site. I see allot of other sites separating the two where game's site are separate and link back the studio's main site. Was wondering of the cost needed and if that is actually the way to go, especially as an indie.
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    Thanks! Good to go up!

    The cost is mostly time as I'm doing it all myself (short of having my own server of course!).

    I got a pretty good package with Elitehost - https://my.elitehost.co.za
    R125 to register the .com for a year, then R125 again every year to renew it. Its R75 for .co.za I think.
    Then its R35 per month on the personal package and you get unlimited e-mail accounts, web disk space, bandwidth etc. If you have a registered business its a different story but for an individual its great!
    Also they use cPanel which is a pleasure to work with, apps, analytic's and all kinds of great tools.
    Codecademy - https://www.codecademy.com is pretty nice site to learn to code websites, and it's free!

    As for not splitting the games... I might do that once we got some of bigger projects out, like out our Tower Defense game for example (still gotta do the page :/). Like, give those games a sub-domain on the 858games.com domain or something like that. Honestly I haven't given much thought.

    Hope this helps a bit! Please PM me if you would like to ask anything specific.
  • Thanks! Just throwing around Ideas, that answers the question in full. Thank you for the response.
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