Vive Meetup

Hey guys,

Just a feeler for interest.

I'm thinking about setting a VR meet sometime soon.

Ill be able to provide 2 HTC vive units and an Oculus Cv1 on the evening.

Would be rad to get together and make some games.

Venue and bar sorted :)

Lemme know if anyone would be keen.



  • Cool idea! You may want to say where this would be happening though, given that there are developer hubs all over the country.
  • I've got a venue in Greenside (JHB) ready
  • Oooooooh keen :)

    When're you thinking? Rad that you've got the hardware, it's still pretty scarce around these parts.
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  • Thinking maybe end of the month.

    Round the 29th

    Was a mission to get them , but defs worth it.
  • I'm down depending on what we'll be up to :)

    Dunno how much we can really do in an evening if it's making games :)
  • I rate we make it a full day thing?

    Maybe a Saturday

    The VR workflow is pretty streamlined in Unity so it's super quick to get a rad prototype going.

  • When you say meetup, my typical expectation is that people get together and show some stuff, talk about some stuff. If it's actually about sitting down to make stuff, that can get challenging - if there are 2 Vives and an Oculus, and I presume that most people don't have their own gear, it's going to be a bunch of people sitting watching three people/groups making stuff?

    I think yes, let's talk about what to do this meetup, can we make it a make stuff meetup? If so, how many bits of gear are there? (I also imagine those with gear would find it hard to lug it all around) I don't have hardware and I would love to work on one.
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  • My initial idea was to get something together where guys that are keen to work with Vr can get together and play around with the hardware.

    Basically have it set up that if an idea comes up and people are keen to try and build something, that everything is ready and its just a matter of using the pre set up machines.

    My idea was build on laptops, and then take projects over to the rigs for testing.

    Really just about building a community and helping with access to Vr Gear.

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  • Sounds dope, Im keen. Also might be able to hook up a HTC vive and oculus dk2 and a gear VR.
  • If people in Cape Town is interested in something similar I can organise - we are getting a few more Vive kits soon.
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  • Hey guys.

    Sorry I've been MIA , this weather really had something against my connection.

    Lets make a plan and set something up:)

  • @NJVANNIEKERK so whats the work on this plan :)?
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