Castle Bluebeard

Hi guys,
I'm a solo developer from Cape Town and am very excited to have released my first mobile game :
Castle Bluebeard ( based on the dark fairy tale of "Bluebeard")

Help Judith escape the castle in a runner-arcade hybrid.
Use your ghostly powers to unlock, destroy and reveal. Push back the darkness and clear the way.

It's available to download for free on Google Play :
Castle Bluebeard


website :
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  • Congratulations Fleet! Looks great - I like the art style.

    Great job on the trailer too - really nice!
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    Really great animation and art style! From the trailer it looks really tense to play (I'm busy installing the game).

    I'm curious to hear more about the development of the game, what your hopes are for it and what you want to do next?
  • Thank you!
    The game was in development for a year. I worked on it in my spare time.
    I am an animator by trade, but I'm working towards being a full-time developer.

    As my first release, I just want to get a sense of the process and hope that the game is well received.
    I'm thinking on porting it to iOS next. The port will be quick but I will need to invest in some new devices.

    I have a few ideas for my next project, but I have to spend some time narrowing it down :)
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  • That trailer looks really good, nice work man!
  • That's awesome @Fleet! good job on finishing and putting it up to the store.
    Congrats on sticking with it and finishing.
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