[PROJECT] The last line

Hi everyone!

I've been working on an idea for a game for about a week now and I've made a playable prototype, if you can call it that, that basically envisions what I want the game to be like. It's a game about people being stuck in a building in the middle of a warzone. Planes are fighting overheard, bombing one another to pieces. Those pieces then crash to the ground and you have to defend your building from being destroyed and the people inside from perishing.


This prototype doesn't do much in the way of sound or visuals, but it's just the first iteration of this idea. The main core of the game is to keep the people inside the building alive, and throughout the game there will be things that challenge that core. Things like the debris that falls and damages the building, like the people that get injured the more the building is damaged, like the weather that effects the well-being of your people, and resources, or the scarcity of it, that put pressure on the player. The player must protect these people. You are their last line of defense, as well as their lifeline.

Anyway, that's enough talk lol. Let me know what you think of the game. What you love about it, what you hate. How you think it could be improved, and what awesome things would be cool to see a a game like this.

Much apperciated



  • Firstly, this reminded me so much of a game I sunk hours into a couple of years back called Heavy Weapon Delux by Popcap. So pretty much all my comments would be "look at what they did" :)

    But here are some comments none the less ;)
    - Holding down click to fire automatically would help me play the game twice in a row (carpal tunnel).
    - In the first few waves those bombs things felt like they came down a bit to fast. By the 3rd level I was use to it, but maybe consider starting the first two stages a bit slower so the player can get use to what's going on.
    - Consider making the collision boxes of both the bullets and the bombs bigger so that even a slight "miss" is still a hit. Bigger targets might also feel nice to hit.
    - Bigger explosions!
    - Having some buildings on the players level showing the damage would help communicate to the player that bombs landing on them is bad.

    Liked the debris and screenshake. Debris gave a nice sense of permanence. Also liked the break the mission repair screen gave.

    Well done on making another game :)
  • Thanks for the comment @pieter.
    I'll definitely check that game out. You gave some very helpful stuff, especially about the wave difficulties.

    About the carpal tunnel syndrome clicking Lol I tried having it so that the player can just hold the button down, but then it kind of becomes easy. The way I have it now is not the best way to do it, and I will change it, but I do think that it kind of makes the player feel the sense of struggle that the character is feeling. I was thinking of having the player hold the button down to shoot and allow the player a certain amount of shots before he has to reload. And reloading takes a while (perhaps it can even be relative to the amount of able people you have to help you). That way the player will feel as though every bullet counts and not the keep the button down indefinitely, or that's the idea Lol

    Thanks for the playing though.
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