Braamfontein October Student Meet-Up (Tuesday, 18 Oct '16)

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This is the second ever Braamfontein monthly meet-up!

While these meets are aimed at including the Johannesburg student developer community, the greater dev community are certainly not excluded. All are welcome!

When: 18:00 - 21:00
Where: The DIZ, 111 Smit Str, Braamfontein. 2nd Floor


17:30 - Hang out, grab some snacks, meet new people.
18:00 - Presentations begin
+ Intros
+ Community News
+ The Loser's Guide to Getting a Job in the Industry - Ahmed Elgoni ( @straytrain )
+ N00b Advice to Starting a Studio - Cukia Kimani ( @sugboerie )
+ Game Show and Tell (5-10 minute slots on a game/prototype/thing you're working on. Get some feedback!)
- Blindness - Huang-You Chen ( @Lisa_Chen )
+ Playtest Pitchathon (30 seconds to convince people to playtest your prototype)
+ Playtesting

Anybody with any content for Show and Tell, please drop a comment here, or on the Facebook event and I will add you to the agenda.

Everybody is welcome to bring any games to playtest!
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  • Should be there :) Do my eyes betray me? Snacks?
  • I hope to be there! It'll be my first time attending one of these events and I'm looking forward to it :D
  • Also planning on being there, missed it last time so can't wait.
  • @IceCliff, indeed. Snacks. @Aimzj & @vince we look forward to meeting you! Hope to see you all there!
  • I'm bringing 3 fellow students along tonight, just letting you know. Also don't judge me by my hair tonight.. it was part of a bet haha
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  • Firstly, thank you to everybody who came out tonight, and especially thank you to our speakers @straytrain and @sugboerie ! Also a big thank you to @Fengol who sponsored the food for us hungry students.

    Secondly, did any of you leave a jersey behind? If so, I have it now. Let me know so I can try and get it back to you.
    See you all next month!
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  • Thanks for the awesome meet up guys! We will likely be joining in every month so looking forward to getting to know more of you, so that we aren't only known as "the pretoria guys" haha. ;)
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  • This evening's meet up was awesome! Some really good advice was given by all of the aforementioned speakers and it was much appreciated *applause*
    If I'm confident enough for the maths exam (2 days after the next meet up if I'm not mistaken) then I will definitely come to the next meet up... I hope I'll see you all again!
  • Sorry for not coming to this one, I have a bunch of stuff that needed doing plus a bunch more since some news came up. But hope that I had given enough feedback in the previous student clumping to make up for it :)

    Hope to make the next one :)
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