Padstal Game Jam #4

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Today marks the end of our 4th in-house game jam.

The theme(optional) was LSD and in total 4 games/prototypes were completed.
Overall I am happy since we now have a more consistent group of 5 individuals who regularly attend and who want to make some games. Also we have a wordpress.

The Games

CatAscension - @RadicalCrypt
A multiplayer arena battle.
Player 1: Move -> WASD/Joystick
Shoot -> C/Xbox Remote-X
Player 2: Move -> Arrow Keys/Joystick
Shoot -> L/Xbox Remote-X

LSDPong - @Vince
A simple pong game I made, and then experimented with some juicing/tweening.
Player 1: Move -> W-S/Joystick
Player 2: Move -> Up-Down/Joystick
*Hit the ball while moving to add spin*

NinjaMan - @Mitch93
A 2D-sidescroller about a ninja trying to get to the end of a mysterious temple. Most likely just a normal guy in his house on LSD running past his cat.
Move -> A-D
Slide -> S
Jump -> W
*Jump on an enemies head to kill them, or approach them from behind*

Hypno Tank - Uli
Operate a tank in a disco while under the effects. Shoot red signs to make em green..
Move -> WASD
Fire -> Left Click
Aim -> Mouse
Thanked by 2Mitch93 RadicalCrypt
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