You don't need a F*#king Publisher

Another very good GDC talk:

@EvanGreenwood can you confirm all of this?
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  • Just watched it this morning and was wondering if it was our Evan that disrupted the presentation :p
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  • Good video, think it was quite educational. Should take more time to watch these GDC videos.
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    lol! Yeah, actially Nigel asked @raithza to be on stage with him (to represent the Broforce team, Broforce being published with Devolver), but we basically flaked out on him (which seemed like the thing to do in a talk called "You don't need a publisher"). He singled me out though, I was quietly just sitting near the back.
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  • You know, until I watched this this morning, I didn't realise how useful it would be to find a published/partner that is all about the profanity - being able to make business deals with people who are not offended when you are inserting a swear word into every sentence seems like it would make life so much easier...
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