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I have been working on a little game, mostly as a challenge to others to create something with a similar idea, namely: "Just tap a pixel on the screen" as a game.

So I built this little game, decided to go for a more fruit-ninja vibe.

The idea is to keep the graphics/sounds to the minimum, sort of a throwback to the old 8-bit consoles. This I hope will have two effects, one is that it can serve as an example to others as to how fun and simple games can really be. Second, to make the game aesthetic more accessible to the old console community.

So without further adue, I present to you, PixelTap!

Version 0.1.4
Download Android:
Alpha Version 0.1.4
Download Windows:
Alpha Version 0.1.4

Version 0.1.1p
Download Android:
Alpha Version 0.1.1p
Download Windows:
Alpha Version 0.1.1p
Play Online WebGL:

Note: Leaderboards are now available in Version 0.1.4 for Android ONLY.

Please leave any comments.
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  • Some great tips from Tuism for getting feedback on you posts :)
    The secret to getting feedback on your posts

    Also for me personally, I would prefer a Windows build (even though it's for Android). It's just easier than having to install it every time on my ageing phone :D
  • Added Windows and WebGL (no download) Builds.
  • Thanks for the Window build :)
    Had a couple of goes at the game. It's obviously a very simple mechanic (similar to Fruit Ninja), but you already have some nice juice in the game.

    So suggestions from my playthrough:
    - Give some visual indication that the multi-tap blocks are different from the rest (red or something).
    - There were a couple of blocks that rose up and at the apex of their path had exited either the left or right of the screen. This felt especially unfair when they were multi-tap blocks. Maybe have some walls just off screen that bump blocks back into the play area.
    - Make the collision boxes for the blocks slightly bigger than the blocks themselves (say 20%). This is so that the player doesn't get frustrated when they click on the edge of a block and "think" they got it (even though technically they missed it)
    - Make the block touch event trigger when you release your mouse/finger as well. The easier you make it for the player to get those successful taps, the longer they'll keep on tappin'.

    Good luck!
  • @pieter This is great feedback, will definitely use it in my next release!
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  • OK I tried it (Windows) and here's my unfiltered brain dump...

    It's definitely got potential to become an addictive game on the phone when you have some time to burn, because it has that draw where you hit the start button again right after Game Over. The fact that the Restart button is right there on the Game Over screen is important... you should keep it there.


    It would be cool have some kind of visually different levels. After getting X score, you blast at high speed through the starry background, and arrive at the next level. Without progression, I don't feel like spending a long time just on one screen.


    You say that you are going for a retro feel - but at the moment it's more like a blend. You have blocky stars in the background and obviously the main blocks, very simple and retro - but the effects (while looking cool) does not have that retro feel. Also, a pumping 8-bit tune would work really well here. So I'm saying, maybe worth it going fully for one visual style and matching the music to that.

    (As a really simple test, I'm happy to send you a test chiptune that I've got lying around here.)

  • Okay so I just played it on my Android phone and I agree with @mgeorgedeveloper that it has great potential to be addictive! I don't have experience with making digital games but I thought I'd make a few suggestions anyway :)

    1) I ran out of lives and the game didn't end.
    2) A pause button would be great so the player can quit early or restart if they like.
    3) If possible, make the boxes a bit easier to tap because sometimes I would tap the edge of the box and it would not break which was quite frustrating.
    4) I think the sounds of the boxes exploding are very strange compared to the sound playing in the background. They sound a bit like party favours? I would prefer it if the sounds of them exploding were more 'musical' and maybe think about having slightly different sounds for the blocks so that when you explode say, 5 of them in a row, it sounds like a little retro melody. I love games that integrate clever music effects into the gameplay and I think it would add to the addictiveness of the game.
    5) Definitely make the blocks that are 'multi-tap' a different colour to the normal blocks.
    6) Some other ways you could make the levels harder and more interesting might be by making the boxes rotate in the air, or have some boxes that start out big and shrink smaller in the air. You could also have a timed mode where you have 60s to tap as many boxes as possible and get the highest score. Then you could also include some boxes that give the player more time or freeze time (similar mechanics to fruit ninja but I'm sure you can make them unique to your game)

    Well that's all I can think of right now. I know that some of the things I mentioned were mentioned by others before me but I thought mentioning them again might reiterate their importance?

    I wish you the best of luck with your game!
  • Thank you @mgeorgedeveloper and @Aimzj ! Really good feedback, I appreciate the time you took to write the review!
  • UPDATE: Version 0.1.4 now available.

    Made many small tweaks to improve the feeling of progression.
    Updated the hit detection code to make tapping eaiser.
    Added a "Mute" Button to disable sounds.
    Added Achievements for Google Play
    Added Leaderboards for Google Play
  • UPDATE: Released my game on the Play Store for Android: PixelTap

    Thank you again for everyone involved for giving feedback and helping with the project.
    This is not the Final version yet, but it's definitely playable.
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