Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016 - Johannesburg Kick off


Yoy yoyooyoy!

Venue: The Diz, 114 Smit Street, Braamfontein
When:16-26 Sept (we'll be at venue on 17, 18 and maybe 24, 25 September)
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Keyboards, controllers and mice are pretty boring ways to play games -- let's change it up!

Join the Glitch Face crew and game developers from all around the world to jam out custom and alternative controllers for games for Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016! For an extra challenge, jam out a game/controller with the theme 'Halloween' to have it make an appearance at Glitch Face's next party!

We'll bring a ton of cool stuff to use - bring some stuff if you can too, otherwise just bring your random skill: art, sound, music, etc. and we'll all just figure it out on the spot!

What are alternative controllers?
1501 x 401 - 55K
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