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First time posting here so I'll briefly introduce myself.

My name is Jeandre Viljoen and I'm in my final semester of BA degree in Sound Production in Cape Town.
Over the last few years I've been hectic in to anything sound and music related and only recently (in the last few months) I've realised what exactly I want to do when I finish College, being a serious gamer growing up, my heart has always been with videogames, so it made sense for me to combine my two passions and try to pursue a career in videogame audio.

So in my journey to learn everything about the industry, Ive watched some documentaries on game design, Watched tutorials and various YouTube videos, I've trolled the MGSA forums and did some basic desktop research. So I have a very BASIC understanding of the industry and how things work. But in addition to that, My last semester final research project requires me to go and physically research something. I figured this would a an effective use of time to use the research project to learn about the industry and meet some professionals.

So I figured this forum would be the best way to network and connect with some individuals and professionals.

Now down to the nitty gritty:
My project, adequately titled:

SA vs AAA - Fight!
aims to explore the current commercial state of the local videogame development industry (from the inside), compared to AAA international industries and videogames. And depending on the outcome of the gathered data, I have to conclude what the main differences are and if it is the case, what would need to change in order for the industry to grow and compare to the AAA's.

Thats obviously the very basic outline of the goal of my research project. now i KNOW this project wont suddenly yield amazing results and solve any problems, but it's a way to analyse the industry and gain perspective on where SA is in terms of growth, especially from the point of view of an "outside individual".

I've come to this forum seeking data collection and there's two main things that Ill need.

1. To all professional game developers: (Preferably with studios)

If at all possible and you're willing to give me some of your time, Id like to come through to your studio,
meet some people and interview some professionals that are currently working in the industry.

Because I am Cape Town based, it will have to be mostly Cape Town studios, but I'd love to talk to
Joburg/Durban developers as well to cover my scope of South Africa. (Maybe emails or Skype)

I will admit that I am not familiar with all the local studios' owners/developers.
So if you're interested in talking to me for a bit and hopefully sitting down for an interview with me
PLEASE contact me and introduce yourself.
I'd love to meet you guys, put names to faces and see what the local industry is all about.
I also know the industry can be crazy busy so I don't want to bother and inconvenience people.

2. To the MGSA forum:

I am in the process of setting up a brief survey to gather data and opinions from a collective group as
apposed to singular opinions from working professionals.

Ill post this here when I have everything sorted, but Id appreciate anyone and everyone
to take a look at it when I do post it. This is so that I can gain a perspective on what the common
opinion is on the local industry from a more outside perspective. (Especially from non-professionals)

Ill be sure not to make it long and time wasting.

I am also aware of the end of monthly meetups, And I'd like to come to one of those as well and maybe meet some of you.

So that is it, Sorry for the super long post.
Please contact me if you want any more information or just want to chat or invite me over to your studio.
Honestly, I would really appreciate it. :)

My email address:

Thats it for now, Hoping for a positive response. Thanks in advance.
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  • Good luck, and hope to see stuff once you have made it in the game! For the monthly meetup eventually you can show stuff but you will meet good people every time. You chose correctly the hard part of being a game developer - so will check on it regularly!
  • Hi Jeandre,

    Research projects are fun! I would definitely suggest what you said about attending the meetups because that is were you will find some of the game dev people from the local game studios. I would also suggest revising your list of studios that you want to contact ie. the big gaming dogs in SA - some people might take offense for not having been named in your post ;)

    Also, no one is going to contact YOU, you need to go and contact THEM. Get numbers/contact details from the meet ups or PM some of the forumites.

    Anyway, good luck with the project and we hope you get the information you need!
  • Also, no one is going to contact YOU, you need to go and contact THEM. Get numbers/contact details from the meet ups or PM some of the forumites.
    I am very aware of this one, but i figured I would test the waters first (in a non-obtrusive way) and see if anyone bites, reasons being (1) I'm very new here, and do not know anybody and (2) so that I can get responses like the one from you to help point me in the right direction.

    So if nobody seems interested i know I will have to unfortunately contact and annoy some studios, but like I said, just testing the waters first.

    Thanks for your response, really helped me in the right direction, I appreciate that. :)
  • @JeandreViljoen I've sent you a DM message
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