Hey everyone,

We thought we'd share some progress on our Ludum Dare 36 submission. The theme is ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY.

SRSBZNZ decided to make a 2D game show-themed brawler set in the year 3000. The player finds themselves in a climate change-devasted, underwater world where humans have evolved into seabeasts to survive. While scientists' attempts to alter the past have not been fruitful, time travel has created an opportunity for some kickass entertainment: MEGA-RAD-ERA-TIME-DEATHMATCH-GAME-SHOW! Contestants from three of the remaining human clans (the FishPunks, the iLITTERati, the OctoSapiens) go back in time to brawl ancient enemies using ancient tools - all in the hopes of winning a much coveted ancient artefact.

We've coined the term Seaber Punk to describe the game aesthetic. Besides the obnoxious Game Show Host, players will also hear from the Revered Historian who interprets past events and provides completely accurate descriptions of ancient items collected during each round of play.

We've still got some way to go, but we'll get there!

@wolflikeyou has been doing some amazing pixel art, and @blacksheepza is killing it in Unity (Masa and I are on witty quips, music and some additional art)

799 x 654 - 425K
fishpunk in BLET.jpg
480 x 744 - 423K


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    The art so far is looking damn fine! Love the colour palette and the way the shapes are rendered. It feels retro in a good way (like it's a pixel art aesthetic, but one that feels tastefully evolved from the original pixel art games).

    The only thing I'm not super fond of in those images is the white outline around the character. But it's a minor gripe!

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes! I love the theme Team Seaber is going for here! I'm assuming there's a bit of Ancient Aliens inspiration here?
  • Thanks so much for the feedback! I'll have a think about the white outline. When I was looking at all the elements together I was a bit concerned about the character getting lost on screen but maybe there is another way. It's my first time doing pixel art (HAHAHA it's actually super challenging!!!!) so I appreciate the feedback :)
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