Ludam Dare 36: 26th - 29th Aug

Hey all,

Was just wondering if anyone will be participating in LD36 this weekend?
Theme voting is up and running, three more rounds of voting left.

Team #SRSBZNZ are going to have a laugh, give it a shot and try to make a Unity game this time around. We will also try to post our progress on MGSA if we have time.

It's going to be fun, I cannot wait! :D
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  • A bit sad that I hadn't prepared for this LD :( The confusion with Mike not running this LD and the site not making official announcements threw me and plans were made beforehand... That, and A MAZE preparations...

    Good luck with your #LD!!!! I am really looking forward to see how the next LD evolution goes. See you on the flip side :)
  • I plan to add an entry to show solidarity but I don't really have the time this weekend.
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