Host Needed For Cape Town Meetup on 31 Aug

Those that were at the last CT meetup will be aware that the next one clashes with A MAZE - so unfortunately I will not be able to host it like usual, cause I'll be in Joburg. When polled, there still seemed to be quite a couple people interested in attending one, so I think it would be cool if it still happened. In order to make that happen, I need someone that can volunteer to host the event.

When/where is it? Wednesday, 31 August. At the usual time/place in the Bandwidth Barn.

What do you need to do to host? I'll handle most things. You just need to be there on time, hook up a laptop to the projector and run through the agenda.

The host should preferably be someone that has attended the meetups more than once before. I'll give you the slides you need, and create the Facebook event and MGSA thread, I just can't be there in person myself. If anyone is able to host, please let me know ASAP. if I don't receive any response by Monday 22 August, I think we'll need to cancel the event this month.
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  • Ok, I haven't received any response, so I think the meetup for this month will be cancelled. We'll be back again at the end of September, so don't fret. If there are still some people interested, I recommend organising a more casual chill session that evening, maybe at some nearby bar (but I won't be organising that myself). See everyone in September again! :)
  • What date do you think the September one will be? I'm in town until the 25th September. Looks like the date has changed to the end of the month (if you make it earlier I'll be willing to do a talk! ;) )
  • Currently the September CT meetup is happening on the 28th. I think that's been the last Wednesday of the month for the past few years, but maybe I'm remembering wrong.

    I'm a little cautious of moving it and confusing potential attendees, unless there is a demand of course. if there isn't a demand to move it, what about a more chilled evening at a bar/restaurant somewhere?
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