Unity3d model not using light

In the image below you can see I've put my model in a dark room but it seems to be ignoring light. I've checked that I'm using the Standard shader for the texture but I can't figure out why it's getting dark.


If I put the model next to a coloured light, only a little bit of the model gets the color.

What am I doing wrong and/or missing?


  • At a guess "Use Light Probes" under skinned mesh renderer is not checked. This of course assumes the game is set up to bake lighting to light probes in the first place.

    Alternative if the lighting used to work and has stopped: Window > Lights > Scene and uncheck "Auto". Otherwise I find that tends to break the lighting everytime I reload a scene. NB now you have to manually rebake it when you make changes. Not sure if that will sort you out, but gives you lots to play with.
  • It depends on what type of lighting you have going. If you using Dynamic (non baked) lighting then it should work automatically. If you using Baked lighting then you'll have to use light probes light @TheFuntastic mentions, and you'll have to put some light probe objects into your scene.
  • I'm using dynamic lighting. It's a very simple scene and, as far as I can tell, the Standard shader
  • You have receive shadows turned off on the mesh, turn that sucker on and he'll be dark. The shadows will consume his empty soul.
  • No such luck I'm afraid. I think I'm out of my depth in the realm of tech art and I need to hand it over to those that know
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    I usually forget to adjust the Ambient Lighting in new projects, it leads to similar effects, it's under Window-Lighting. Also to make sure it's not the shader, you can switch to a Legacy-Diffuse one and test.
  • just double checking, this problem persists in the game view and isn't just a scene view thing?
  • yip. i'm going to try my hand at texturing some of my home-made models and see if the problem persists. If I'm still stuck I might crash a studio to get some answers.

    @damousey, what are you doing on the forums? Shouldn't you be working in a log cabin or relaxing in one of the jacuzzis?
  • I once had a similar problem. I ended up having to drag either light or reflection probes into the scene and changing their update mode to real time - or something like that - sorry, it was a while ago :)
  • I can drop by the forums while jacuzzing :P
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