Infinite Desolation - December 2107 update (promo)


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    Nice work. The Dead Space helment is pretty good.

    What's the feeling you're going for here? And how big is this character going to be on screen?

    He feels a little more cartoony than the Hell Diver's characters (in their marketing material):


    Somewhere between Hell Divers and Astroneer (in terms of looking badass and sort of fun).


    His head is more serious than Astroneer, but his shoulder pads and head and torso and legs and arms are rather round, which looks a bit softer and more Pixar than the Hell Divers designers.

    I imagine though this is being seen from above... in which case the level of detail is probably spot on.

    And I do think making him less badass than Hell Divers is a good thing. As I understand it the story follows a character who has crash landed, rather than a specialist exterminator (like the Hell Divers).

    So making him feel like a bit of a Gordon Freeman character I think is a good path. Like a scientist/astonaut who just happens to be a badass (rather than a person who comes prepared to be a badass).

    I do think the current design is sort of between looking serious and cartoony, like a smoothed out version of Deadspace... Which is a bit of a weird place to be... but I think it's going to look a lot less weird in-game.
  • Thanks @EvanGreenwood

    So yeah basically this is 1 of 5 characters, the Engineer. It will be from top down from quite a distance, but there will be some close ups in cut scenes and also the camera mode. The feel is kind of serious, but interesting to see those screenshots you posted, but definitly the character fits in with all the other models currently in the game, so overall the style is kind of serious , maybe simplified realism.
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