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Hi everyone,

I am new to the site here but I have been to three MGSA conventions in the past. The last 3 actually.

I am currently employed at a small, start-up UK-based mobile game development company as Lead Digital Artist and Illustrator, but all the graphics for our current game has been completed, so I find myself with nothing to do. I have attached a couple of my works, as well as a few more samples in a RAR file, so if anyone is interested in my work, please contact me by email at

Looking forward to hearing from you :D
Kind regards
Commish Examples.rar
666 x 800 - 588K
800 x 1248 - 1M
Pirate Captain SF.png
1250 x 1950 - 3M
Pancamaid FF.png
606 x 900 - 597K


  • Hey as a fellow artist I would recommend rather posting a link to an online portfolio or directly linking images. The less hoops potential employers have to jump through to see your work the better. Someone in a rush can just quickly view direct images, right now they have to download an rar file, extract it and then view the images.
  • Thanks for the advice ^^ll
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