[PROJECT] POLYGOD - Rogue-like FPS with Arena Shooter Multiplayer - AVAILABLE Through Early Access

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Hello Everyone I wanted to showcase a project that myself @iceblademush, @Greg and @Andrew_Sound_Foundry have been working on.


It's called Polygod.

Description - Single Player
Polygod and is a rogue-like first person shooter where you play as a genderless assassin known only as "Faceless the Blessed". The game features a randomly generated adventure where you must battle minions of malignant Gods and their Holy Champions in an event known as the triall of the Gods. Each level is randomly generated and features altars of Worship where the player can exchange Souls (you earn souls for killing enemies) for Blessings (Blessings are essentially power ups). Death is permanent sending you back to the beginning of the game. Each level guarantees 5 altars of worship where you will be offered a random blessing from a list of 56. You can leave a level at any time by finding the exit portal which will take you to a boss fight against the Holy Champion of that level. Each minion has been programmed to have a unique behaviour, some of them have different weaknesses that the player must discover through observation and gameplay. The difficulty of the game is derived more from situational awareness than from twitch reflexes.

Faceless the Blessed:

An Isometric shot of a random generation from level 2:

An Isometric shot of a random generation from level 1:

Description - Multiplayer
Polygod also features Arena Shooter multiplayer with randomly generated maps where the victor of a match is the first player to reach 10 kills. However I wanted to do something different with the multiplayer gameplay and decided to create a sort of "reverse-incentive" inspired by Super Mario Kart and this video:

The idea is that the player who dies gets offered 1 of 3 random Blessings when they die, so that they respawn a little stronger. The player who killed his opponent gets a souls and gets 1 step closer to victory however they now have to face off against stronger opponents. In this test matches I've played so far I've found this has kept the games very close in terms of score which can be quite nerve wracking and fun.

Graphics Design and Art Style
The graphics design has been done by the very awesome @iceblademush :)
The art-style for the game was inspired by meta-physical artist Giorgio de Chirico.

Inspiration (Giorgio de Chirico):
Art Style Comparison:

Music and Sound
The music and Sound FX are being done by the mad talent at Sound Foundry, @Greg and @Andrew_Sound_Foundry.
Anyone interesting in also working with them can find more information at their site: http://www.soundfoundry.co.za/

Here is a provisional gameplay trailer:

Book of Blessings
The book of blessings is a pdf which contains descriptions of most of the Blessings currently in game as well as a bunch of unique art shots of dungeons and other screenshots of the game for those interested in seeing a bit more :)

Link to Book of Blessings: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4Cx5fJAQK5nT3RjLTJYMFFNaUU

Please try out the game builds and let us know what you think :)

I'm also planning on launching a Greenlight and Kickstarter campaign for Polygod soon and am looking for advice on setting up Kickstarter rewards etc. :)

Vote for us on Greenlight!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=729438905

Alpha Version 0.2
Windows Version Alpha 0.2: https://dropbox.com/s/vmzp5yepbeve0co/Polygod Alpha_0.2 (Windows).zip?dl=0
Mac Version Alpha 0.2: https://dropbox.com/s/k24t7p6dmdwubw9/Polygod Alpha_0.2 (Mac).zip?dl=0


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